Captain Canuck Webseries Indiegogo Launch!


The Great Hall, a gorgeous theater, sits in the west end of Toronto, only a couple of blocks from my own apartment. Members of the cast and the crew of the new animated webseries that will put Canadian superhero Captain Canuck on to the internet, including Lost Girl favorite Paul Amos, are present for their Indiegogo campaign launch.

canuckposterThe series will feature the voice work of Kris Holden-Ried as the voice of Canuck, and Amos as his nemesis, Mr. Gold and features some fantastic animation!

With a wonderful table of finger foods, and a drink in hand, everyone meets and greets, hob knobs.

Paul Amos greets me happily, chinwags with me for a moment over a beer, as an awesome 80s playlist is piped over the stereo system, then as I bump into my friend Sunny, he excuses himself to make the rounds, it’s readily apparent that he believes in the project and is committed to making it the best that he can. Kris was unable to make it for the evening, but Paul more than makes up for it, chatting easily with everyone around him, sharing stories and laughs.

I move to a location within easy access of the table, and start taking my notes (it’s important to point out here that I am not being a wallflower, I’m people watching and writing – it’s an important distinction).

Among the gathering crowd are names I know, faces I recognize and some I call friends. It is a cross-section of comic lovers, animation afficiandos, Lost Girl fans (including my friend Faenonymous!), industry professionals, lovely ladies and yes, even the occasional hipster.

Alice Quinn from shows up, and we all have a chat about what is going on in all of our respective worlds and circles, but our eyes are eventually drawn to a large screen on the stage, with a descending countdown to the launch of the Indiegogo campaign.

shootAs the timer runs down the audience calls it out, and then, when the zeroes roll over, we’re treated to the campaign trailer featuring Paul and Kris in costumes and character, and chewing scenery as they make their pitch to the viewers. The clip is also filled with the creative team behind it and the series.

As the clip draws to a close, showing a hint of the level of animation that will be featured (and it looks fantastic), the cast, crew and Captain Canuck’s creator Richard Comely take to the stage, waving and greeting the crowd. Moments later, the table is abuzz taking donations, and selling shirts.

This project looks amazing, and webseries and crowd-funding seems to be the way to go these days it allows for creative control to remain in the hands of the creators, and fans can be directly involved in the production of something they love.

Please make sure you check their Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter @ctncanuck as well as their Indiegogo campaign page which promise some amazing perks! Check it out here! Donate what you can, if you can, every bit will help.


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  1. Audrey says:

    I dont know why but you gave me chills lol ! Im so happy for Paul and Kris about this new project 🙂

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