Lost Girl S03E10 – Delinquents

After the middling affair of the Ceremony last week, I still think there are lots of layers that can be found in it, but it wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, Lost Girl brought in the heartbreak, the set-up and the guest cast and crew!

Scripted by Lost Girl’s creator Michelle Lovretta, directed by the awesome Gail Harvey (that’s two so far in the season for her, and I simply love how she shoots, her exteriors always look fantastic!), and guest starring two names very familiar to us, Linda Hamilton and Brittany Allen!!

The fae-of the-week can be taken or left, the most important thing in the episode is the forward momentum towards the season finale. There are characters moving around the board, a few revelations, and I’m sure a few broken hearts out there amongst the fans. For what it’s worth, I think this was totally the move to make with Bo’s (Anna Silk) and Lauren’s (Zoie Palmer) relationship. If everything was easy in the relationship, then it wouldn’t ring true, it makes it worth more if they have their ups and downs…

Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) go under cover at a camp for juvenile delinquents, Bo as a camp counselor (fulfilling yet another hot fantasy – the show is really good for that) and Kenzi as one of the JDs. Also amongst the camps attendees is Brittany Allen! YAY! (Fans of Canadian television may recall her from Bomb Girls, and the upcoming Dead Before Dawn 3D!)

lindaThe B-story this time around is the one advancing the season arc, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) meets up with Acacia (Linda Hamilton). We learn that the Wanderer wants Bo taken care of, and Acacia vouches for Tamsin to take care of it for him. There’s a brew involved which has one hair from someone Bo loves, two from someone she trusts, and three from her own head.

Through the course of the episode, after initially scoffing at it, Tamsin starts collecting the elements needed, she may not be firmly in the Dark Fae side of things any more, but after what happens to Acacia, she is determined to carry out the Wanderer’s plan.

Lost Girl - Season 3There’s some nice moments in the episode especially within the love triangle, as we realize Bo has changed through her Dawning, she’s warmer, more confident, at ease with her power, but just as human as the rest of us when she gets her heart-broken. Gail’s directing of the ‘break scene’ was dead on, Anna and Zoie inhabit their characters perfectly, and watching the relationship crumble, seeing Bo’s face crack like her heart… Tamsin’s revelation to Lauren about the kiss, and the exs Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Lauren drinking together in the Dal, commiserating together.

Gail Harvey has directed some of the most tender moments of the season so far, and is quickly becoming my favorite Lost Girl director. I hope she comes back for more!

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Acacia again. We know she may not be whole, but that doesn’t rule out her return…

We also know that Bo suspects that Tamsin may be up to something…

The finale is closing in, and I think this episode subtly upped the stakes and the Wanderer is yet to be revealed!

Lost Girl airs Sunday evenings on Showcase!


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  1. Definitely a stronger episode this week. Bo and Lauren – even though we could see it coming, it was no less heartbreaking. Lovely work from Anna and Zoie – and I loved the scene between Lauren and Dyson later on. I really enjoyed seeing Lauren having some heart-to-heart moments with Kenzi & Dyson – but it’s still very apparent that she’s feeling unhappy and isolated in the Fae world and is maybe longing for a more “normal” life. I think she’d get bored hanging out with humans, though. Will be interesting to see how that goes. Loved seeing Linda Hamilton guesting – hope to see her again. And Tamsin, she’s full of surprises, that one. Totally have to agree with you on the direction as well – Gail Harvey rocked it!

  2. DOC says:

    I loved lauren and bo in the final scene are wonderful together

  3. NL_Greece says:

    First of all I have to say that I liked the previous episode (3×09) not for the story but for the acting. Anna and Kris did an amazing job and I absolutely loved the scene where they both realize that Dyson is the key.
    As for this episode all I need to say is: LINDA HAMILTON!!!!!
    Unfortunately for the rest of the world I have to say more…
    Summer of 2012, I have just ended re-watching my favorite tv series Beauty and the Beast! And I’m looking on youtube for interviews of Linda and Ron’s and I come across an interview that Linda did on the set of Lost Girl. Since then I had never heard of Lost Girl. I was so happy that she was on tv again (there was of course Chuck, but I think it was the most boring show ever) and I said to myself that if Linda has picked this show to make an appearance, it must be good. So I searched for clips of Lost Girl and I found one that was from the episode Brotherfae of the Wolves. It didn’t help a lot… I actually didn’t find it interesting…. But I said to myself again that if Linda wants to be there, I should watch the show from the beginning. And I did. It took me 2 weeks to watch S1 & S2 and afterwords I (and the rest of the fans) HAD TO WAIT FOR 6 MONTHS to watch S3…. (that was very hard…) And for the record, what actually won me was Kenzi and Bo’s friendship.
    Why am I saying all these??? After episode 3×10 the ONLY THING THAT I READ OVER AND OVER AGAIN is that Lauren and Bo broke up……………… The fans of Lost Girl had the pleasure of watching the one and only, the legend, the pioneer Linda Hamilton and everybody cares about a fictional break up???????
    Wasn’t Linda Hamilton the one who opened the door for all kick ass female leads????? If it wasn’t for her acting and the energy that she put in the character of Sarah Connor would there be shows like Lost Girl, Nikita (with Peta Wilson, not the new one), Zena, Birds of Prey, Witchblade and so many more that I can’t recall right now????
    And as for all Lauren/Zoie’s dedicated fans, wasn’t Linda Hamilton’s ARMS that first rocked the world????? Just saying…..
    I think that we lost focus on this episode….
    Anyway, I don’t want to take up more of your space and time, I will finish with good/bad scenes.
    Good scenes: Kenzi proving to the group that she is a thief, ALL of Acacia and Tamsin’s scenes (Rachel did an excellent job), Lauren slapping Tamsin (intense, that took guts and she didn’t end up in Valhalla), Nelson assaulting Lauren and the dialogue between them (“How do you go back to a mortal life after this?” that would be a good question for Anna’s next interview/ Brilliant scene with the sticks hanging from the ceiling / What is the actor’s name?) and Bo coming to the rescue.
    Bad scenes: The Fae of the week, totally lame….

    1. Alicia says:

      The thing is that the presence of Linda Hamilton was completely wasted, in my opinion.
      After all the advertising they did about her being a guest star…she barely was on screen. I expected a looooot more about that and I don’t think we have to talk about LH just because she is LH, her character does not bring anything really interesting in this episode. On the contrary, the acting from Skarsten, Solo, Ried and above all Silk and Palmer made this episode awesome: Tamsin was a mixed of intriguing things; I loved the interaction between Kenzi and Dyson; Bo and Dyson shared and intense and “triangle meaning” moment; and, of course, Bo and Lauren led the audience to this kind of “I hate this break but it is so painfully good to watch that in the end I have to love it” moment.
      So, great job from the cast, great job from the crew!
      Now I’m eagerly waiting for the finale episodes!!!

      p.s. sorry for my bad English, I’m from Italy…

  4. sara says:

    I loved lauren and bo in the final scene are wonderful together..

  5. Audrey says:

    I really liked this episode, even if yes it’s sad for Bo and Lauren, but like you said .. it’s more real and normal in their case. I just regret that they hide too much things between them (and not only them but all the characters actually) .. there are too much “non-dit” , things which could be say instead of try to hide because its always worse. More communications, yes.
    And we waited that Lauren told something to Bo about the fact she missed her important evening (in Fae-ge Against The Machine), also why No didnt tell to Lauren about the kiss with Tamsin, etc ..
    Maybe if the girls would talk more, there will be less misunderstood and there will be maybe still together.
    Like our Trick who hide also a lot of things… if he told about all, things will less surprize Bo or them all ! 😉
    Well, and about this ep, some fun like always with Kenzi lol, and some tears because the break but mostly because of the way the actors play their scene so amazingly !! Anna and Zoie, then Zoie and Dyson (just loved this scene!!) … wow .. they took me tears like never …
    Only 3 episodes left and some big things again to see !! Really impatient !!!

    Thank you guys for this review !! 🙂


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