Lost Girl S03E09 – The Ceremony

Things get a little more Lynchian this week, with a script by James Thorpe and directed by Lee Rose. Bo (Anna Silk) under goes her Dawning, by entering the Temple. She can only get out when she has the key in hand.

We also get a little more hint of The Wanderer, while Bo (Anna Silk) is in the first part of the Temple (which looks remarkably like the Dal) and the classic tune by Dion is playing. Trick (Rick Howland), however, at the end of the episode says not him. So The Wanderer isn’t a reference to Bo, but someone (thing) that’s coming. Hmmm.

The crux of the episode if Bo going through the Temple to survive the Dawning and hopefully not devolve into some under-Fae.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) volunteers as her Hand, or protector in the Temple, which also means she doesn’t have to declare an alignment with the Light or Dark. She only takes Dyson after Lauren (Zoie Palmer) advises her she will need any advantage she can use. It’s nice to see that even though Lauren is hurting from the events of last week’s ep, she still loves Bo enough to show when she knows Bo needs her.

boUnder Stella’s (Deborah Odell) eye, which she doesn’t look on Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) kindly with, Bo and Dyson enter the Temple. Or rather apparently, reappear in the Dal, which is empty but for a radio playing The Wanderer and an old man referring to himself as The Caretaker. From there, they wander through a mish mash of rooms and realities, populated by familiar looking characters behaving in slightly off ways (although both Anna and Zoie look great in police uniforms!) and possible existences there in the Temple.

Now at this point, there can be a lot of conjecture, thoughts and even arguments about what everything means in the Lynchian creations inside the Temple, I also think that on repeated viewings watching all the details (though the pictures of that model showed up way too often, I felt like I was being hit over the head with it – sorry), and I mean all of them, there will be more and more revealed. Not only about Bo’s character but things to come. That’s my instinct anyway.

Bo’s resurrection of  Dyson by taking chi from her friends in the Dal was a little questionable. It’s no doubt she cares for him, and he’s finally revealed that he still loves her, and of course Bo has never played by the rules, but I was hoping she would at least have asked.

lostgirl309That one instant, for me, shows what a threat Bo could be to not only the Dark, but those she calls her friends and family as well.

And speaking of friends and family, I love the moment Trick and Kenzi had about what would happen should Bo not come through the Dawning as herself, and Trick confesses he sees the human as family. A long overdue moment and scene.

Having just checked the episode page on the Showcase site, apparently this episode is rather polarizing, and a lot of people are furious about the way Bo has treated Lauren. Neither side of the relationship is perfect, and this relationship with Lauren is obviously going through growing pains, like all relationships. It can’t be sunshine and roses all the time, otherwise the characters don’t change or grow.

Give it time, which we know Bo has now that she’s survived the Dawning. Now that is sorted, maybe she can get her love life on track…


Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase.


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  1. Definitely way more Lynchian this time around. Tough times for Doccubus – and their shippers – and really hard to say what’s in store. Seems like we’re seeing something in the works with Tamsin on the relationship front and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Isaac again too. So who knows? This is understandably very upsetting for a lot of folks – but I have to agree that relationships go through bumpy times. And sometimes, they don’t work out in the end. I feel the show is keeping it real in that regard. The re-emergence of Bo’s Supersuccubus towards the end of the ep. is shades of things to come. She may have passed the Dawning, but her greatest test will now be an internal one. And, possibly, a Luke/Vader scenario with the Wanderer.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Well said! If it was roses and chocolates all the time in the relationship we’d complain about that as well, at least with trials and tribulations we can see that they make mistakes just like we do, which then allows us to relate to them easier, because ‘they’re just like us.” Mistakes are made, and bumps happen. It’s how the characters deal with it that will be really telling.

  2. kranARI says:

    I really don’t know what the writers are thinking of doing with Tamsin’s character – though I fear she is only here to stay till the end of the season…. 😦

    Did anyone else have an issue with how the whole Dawning sequence unfolded. I was kind of confused and just the the Garuda storyline, they seemed to have sold it as a bigger deal than it actually was…shame I thought…maybe it was just the expectation

    nice post though 🙂 xx

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Tamsin’s appearance in this episode was just odd, with all the blood on her hands, it’s like she was trying to play the good neighbor, and be ‘good’ but she still has all this blood on her hands from her time with the Dark.
      I’m more interested in who the model was that kept popping up, and why Stella really offered her to Bo.

      1. kranARI says:

        true true 🙂

  3. skyfyre says:

    This episode was l over the place. Trick says humans are one of us….for like 5 episodes and now suddenly Kenzi is family? Whatever.

    Bos the hero of the show but Dyson sweeps in and solves all her riddles tells her what to do, forces her to do it. Awesome. You’ve just totally disempowered your lead. It’s like female studness takes a backseat everytime Dyson has a role to play. Turns my stomach. This was Dysons dawning…not Bos.

    As for the shipper thing. The triangle is overplayed. This episode damaged Bos character alot. And it grounds the idea if you are bi…commitment doesn’t get brought up ever. Nor should it…cause regardless of the promises you make and all those fancy words of It’s time. Life is too short…blaa blaa blaa you really can’t stick by that. And though you love two…your focus is never evenly split…and you wind up being a li. To someone. In this case its Lauren.

    I’m sure it will get swept under the rug next episode like all the pivotal emotional conversations that should have happened this season. Its a pity. They soooo much material. And they went right back to Season 1 twilight.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Good comments, and you make some valid points. I think we may see Bo take back some of her power though, especially in terms of Dyson, who was there as her protector, but yes, I prefer seeing Bo making the big decisions and Dyson helping instead of doing it all himself.
      We do need to settle on a relationship, and I’m all for Lauren and Bo, I think it’s a more intricate relationship, especially when playing the human and fae elements.

  4. Smellycat says:

    I agree with the way Bo used the Chi of her friends/family without asking them, but also taking a big risk for Lauren and Kenzi who are humans and just felt after this !
    I found it dangerous and my thought (maybe stupide) was : “wow .. she loves Dyson so much that she was ready to “sacrify”/take risks with Lauren and Kenzi ??
    It shocked me a bit yes, but apparently was the good solution 🙂
    And this moment between Trick/Kenzi !! Wow .. finally Trick changed his mind about Kenzi and its so good to see and hear ! A really big scene 🙂
    A lot of things in this episode, and very complexe too, so have to watch it again to talk better about it 🙂
    Thanks for this review guys !

  5. Charles Goodson says:

    I just started to watch Lost Girl, I loved ths episode. It is complex, but I am handleing it.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      Welcome to the series! Make sure yuo back track if you have time, there’s been some really good episodes, and of course, 2 whole seasons prior to this! Let us know what you think!

  6. I found the episode too all over the place and anticlimactic.

    I am disappointed in how the Dawning played out. There was so much potential for that DarkBo storyline, but instead we got 4 episodes with this Dawning plot that ended up being very underwhelming.

    In 3x07we were told Bo only had days left and only 3 shots (which were used). In 3×08 she’s running around without a care in the world. This episode, finally it’s time for the Ceremony. The grueling, impossible ceremony that everyone kept warning Bo about. And… that’s it? A monster and 2 AU scenarios? We’ve had fae-of-the-week more difficult than this.

    However, I have faith in the DarkBo/Bo’s father/Wanderer storyline.

    I really didn’t like how Dyson once again wanted to play hero and how once again, he got others in trouble for it. I liked that Bo and the Guardian called him out on it. But I still hated that they made Bo’s Dawning all about Dyson and his feelings for Bo. It was supposed to be about Bo and her journey. And I blame this on the triangle. It’s not organic storytelling any longer, they are building the plots around the triangle and it’s hurting the show and the characters (Dyson in particular – that 100 years comment was wrong on so many levels!)

    I liked the return of Kenzi this episode. May we never have a Kenzi-less episode again (judging you, 3×08!). It looks like they’re giving her a pretty interesting storyline for the end of the season.

    Also lovely (and painful) scene between Dyson and Lauren.

    The AU scenarios were interesting. And weird. Lauren was Dyson and Dyson was Lauren. Interesting and significant that Dyson’s fantasy was to be Lauren in that scenario with Bo.

    I’m also disappointed in the final scene. She risked Kenzi and Lauren to save Dyson. What happened to “Kenzi is my heart?”. Not to mention, this was the first time she chi-sucked Lauren. She refused to do that in the past, not even when she thought she was going to die in 2×08 or when injured in 3×04.

    Finally, although I did like the 2 quick moments, they have been avoiding Bo and Lauren’s relationship for about 4 episodes now. They are building up a rift between them, with too many things left unsaid (especially on Bo’s side). Hopefully the pay off will be worth it.

  7. Billygoat says:

    I am glad to see the writers throwing a monkey wrench in th Lauren/Bo sappy storyline! Boring!

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