Canadian ToyCon 2013

As Sue and I get ready to get our geek on this weekend at the Fan Expo Comic Con, we’re also getting very excited about our trip to Burlington next weekend for the Canadian ToyCon!!

What’s not to love?

It’s a convention that focuses on 80s toys, action figures as well as horror, sci-fi and comic collectibles! How does that not appeal to everyone?! And as we know, stuff like that totally enthralls Sue and I, so we’re expecting to have a very good time.

There are also a couple of celebrity guests to say hello to as well, look at this fun list – Casper Van Dien from Starship Trooopers and The Pact, Ashlynn Yennie from The Human Centipede series, sci-fi author J.M. Frey and the two I’m very excited about, Degrassi alumni Amanda Stepto and Stacie Mistysyn (who we’ve previously interviewed by phone)!


Add to that cos-players for a cure, the Ontario Ghostbusters, Matthew Therrien and his Blood Theatre team, artist and writer (as well as Joker cos-player!) Chris Burke and illustrator and author Monstermatt Patterson!

And did we mention the toys???

The event is being hosted at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington on March 17, a short bus ride from the Go Station (as Sue and I will learn next weekend).

The convention runs 9:30 to 4 and tickets can be bought at the door!

VIP Admission for $15 gets you in at 9:30, Early Bird Admission for $10 gets you in at 10, and General Admission, $5, gets you in at 11!

Anyway you look at it that’s easily affordable, and will no doubt be an awesome day all around.

I myself am stuck wondering whether I look at toys all day, or just moon over Stacie 🙂

Will we see you there? Look for us and come over and say HI!


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  1. Smellycat says:

    Sound great ! Have fun other there guys ! 🙂

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