Lost Girl S03E07 – There’s Bo Place Like Home

This week Anna Silk pulls out all the stops as Bo and puts us through the emotional wringer. Brendon Yorke penned this week’s episode, and as I was delighted to see that it was directed by Gail Harvey!!

As the Dawning, Bo’s rite of passage grows closer, with the threat of her devolving into an under-Fae hanging over her head, Trick (Rick Howland) tells her essentially to move forward she must be able to forgive her past. In Bo’s case, the hateful and painful accusations her mother (Nola Augustson) laid on her when she was a teen and first experiencing the first appearance of her Fae powers, which resulted in the death of her boyfriend.

She and her mother had a huge falling out, and things that family say to you can weigh on you for a long time.

So Bo and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) set off for Bumpkinville, to face Bo’s mother, and try to forgive her. On arriving at the old homestead however, we learn that her mom is suffering from a touch of dementia, and doesn’t always remember when or where she is, and is just delighted to have Bo home again.

boAlong the way we learn that there is a Fae stalking old classmates of Bo’s, who all had a hand in a seance on the same night her boyfriend died. It seemed something was let loose, and is now intent on killing them.

The episode is filled with delightful moments, with Kenzi jabbing Bo in the ass with needles to keep her other side in check, happily supplied by the good Dr. Lauren (Zoie Palmer). Trick realizes that Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) has had his love for Bo returned, and Trick also has a love or at least lust interest thrown his way in the form of Stella Nashira (Deborah Odell) who is on hand to offer counsel and guidance for Bo’s Dawning. Oh, and let’s not forget Kenzi and Bo in sun dresses! I also like the fact that everything is bright and sunny in Bo’s hometown, while anything to do with Fae (Bo mostly excluded of course) are more hidden in shadows, and darkness. The Dal is dark, the sky goes dark when Lady Polly (Phillipa Domville) shows up, the past, or at least Bo’s stroll down memory lane when she goes home, is always sunny, even though it hurts her to face her past. It was a nice touch.

For all that though, it is the episode’s emotional climax which makes this episode a stand-out, as Bo realizes she can forgive her mother.

kenziThe two of them sit at a table, observed unseen by Kenzi, in a beautiful scene that touches on not only mother-daughter relationships, but families in general. Anna actually made me cry in this episode, so nice work to all on that count! It’s a lovely scene, and watching as both women breakdown is just heart-touching, and truly a special moment for the series.

We know where Bo is, but now we get to see where she came from, and not only the events that shaped her, but the people as well. The tenderness both Anna and Nola show in this scene, the way she exposes  herself emotionally on camera in this episode… I think we’re get to know Bo in the episode more so than any other episode prior.

This one goes down as a great episode as far as I’m concerned, and while there is a villain in the piece, I’m so glad it didn’t overshadow the emotional side of the story.

Then of course, ending the way the episode did with Anna asking why Kenzi went to see the Norn….


Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!


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  1. Smellycat says:

    It was such an interesting episode !! We know more about Bo past, her “family”, her life before as student and the village where she grew up.
    And I found also very interesting, by shooting in this village, to see the characters in a new environment, it was differetn and good to see ! 🙂
    And this scene between Bo and her “mother” … I have to admit that I cried …

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