Lost Girl S03E06 – The Kenzi Scale


Now we get to it!

This week’s Lost Girl not only helped us sort out what the hell was happening with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) last week, though we still don’t know what the final outcome of her Fae induced rash will be. We learn that Kenzi was grabbed by a fox Fae that night by the dumpster, and has since by in her warren while the fox Fae, a rather distrubed being (though part of that may have been caused by Tamsin’s (Rachel Skarsten) interference).

The fox Fae, Inari, is looking to belong, looking for friendship, acceptance and be loved. She was a little unbalanced, we learn from a group of fox(y) Fae that Tamsin has protected. Tamsin, as a Valkyrie can sow doubt into the minds of their opponents, something we see when she exercises that talent on Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried).

It all starts with Bo (Anna Silk) bringing Kenzi into the Dal in attempt to convince Trick (Rick Howland), Dyson and Tamsin, that she is not who Kenz is not who she appears to be. When Kenzi reveals that Bo is killing again, Trick has our favorite succubus locked away until they can figure out what is going on.

kenziEvil Kenzi uses this opportunity to exploit a relationship with Dyson, which leads to a violent confrontation.

It hurts Bo, that not only her grandfather and Dyson don’t believe her, but Lauren (Zoie Palmer) doesn’t either, and that may cause some problems for them down the road, by episode’s end when Lauren tries to apologize Bo tells her that she can’t deal with that now.

Lauren however learns some worrying truths when she uses the DNA sample she takes from Bo to find out what’s wrong with her, we learn that something is very wrong with Bo.

Other interesting things we learned is that there may be something else going on with Tamsin. Bo, who’s flagging because of something that is in her system, replacing her cells, feeds off Tamsin, and Bo notices there’s something unsual about her chi.

The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) makes an appearance, reminding Tamsin of her allegiances and that she wants Bo dead. Her hate is really escalating, and is beginning to be more of a threat to our heroes. Tamsin visits the coma victim from Bo’s first feeding at the beginning of the season, and though it will be damaging to him, she wakes him from his coma, and he identifies Bo as the one who attacked him. Tamsin however does not share this with The Morrigan, who warns her about the choices she’s making.

lost-girl-the-kenzi-46903_bigKenzi, in a true display of friendship and faith, never gives up hope on Bo and Dyson rescuing her, and even all dirty still dresses better than evil Kenzi, although she can certainly rock one of Dyson’s shirts and little else. Wow.

Finally, as the episode draws to its end, and Kenzi is safely returned to the loving embrace of her friends, we learn more about this thing that is replacing the cells in Bo’s body.

Trick calls it The Dawning, but it seems to be 200 years early in Bo’s case. It seems it’s a rite of passage, a test of some sort that is coming Bo’s way, and if she fails it, she will devolve into an under-Fae.

It looks like Bo is going to have some tough times before her…

The Morrigan is going to be more trouble…

Is Kenzi going to start exhibiting some Fae abilities?…

How damaged is Lauren and Bo’s relationship now?…

And then there’s Tamsin…

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    It looks as if Tamsin is rethinking her allegiance to the Dark. Witnessing Bo’s devotion to Kenzi and seeing the bond of friendship between Bo, Dyson and Kenzi has shown her the possibility of another way of living. I think she wants in.

    1. TD Rideout says:

      I think you’re right. She seems to be at the very least divided by what she’s seen and experienced with Bo & The Gang. But I think as much as she likes the rest of the group there’s always going to be trust issues where Bo is concerned…

  2. Smellycat says:

    It was one of the best episode ever ! My number 2 actually, cause cant be my number 1 cause no #Hale in 😉
    I really loved the duo Bo/Tamsin together ! And yes, really happy about the choice Tamsin did, keeping for her about the Dark Fae said. We saw at her face, 1st seeing all Bo do for Kenzi, even being exhausted, after when Bo talk about Kenzi, and finally when she (Tamsin) see Bo, Kenzi and Dyson together and happy to find each other.
    About the relationship Bo/Lauren, yes, I think it’s definitely something which maybe make stop their relationship, but for sure, which change it. Like said Bo, she would never forgive Lauren for this. And what happened definitely will change something between them, like something is broken now.
    When I saw the face of the Satyr became an UnderFae because he failed the Rite of passage, I immediately had in mind an image of Bo we had in a trailer/teser of S3, something like a Bo-demon with corns.
    So will she fail it and that’s why she will become like this ? Or it will be due to other thing ? Well, we will see ..
    The scene when Dyson has Kenzi in his arms and crying, is just shaking !!
    And let’s dont forget the HUGE performance to Ksenia Solo in these 2 last episode !! Big Congrat to you, girl !!

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