Mimesis (2011) – Douglas Schulze

Hitting blu-ray and DVD shelves this week is this interesting little release from Anchor Bay Films, Mimesis, which loosely translated means imitation or mimicry.

Directed by Douglas Schulze the film posits the idea why watch a horror movie when you can live one? And this is what happens to the poor folk who are fool enough to accept an invitation to an exclusive party, though I can’t really blame Duane (Allen Maldonado) and Russell (Taylor Piedmonte) when the lovely Judith (Lauren Mae Shafer) invites them while they are at a horror convention to see director Alfonso Betz (legendary Sid Haig).

With their exclusive invitation, they end up in the middle of nowhere with fellow folks from the convention, and as they drink up, we realize quickly they’re being drugged.

When they wake, in strange clothes, and locations, they realize something is amiss, and horror films didn’t need the film’s subtitle to realize that the folks have just been cast in a real life version of Romero’s classic Night Of The Living Dead.

duaneAre the zombies real? What’s really going on? Who can be trusted? How closely do these horror fans know the movie they’re living?

Schulze takes a fun concept, and translates it into a fairly enjoyable film, playing within the confines of the original film for the first part of the film until revelations are made and we learn what’s really going on. In that way, it’s kind of cross between Cabin In The Woods and Scream, which, for me are the superior films, but that doesn’t mean this one is really good.

In fact the further we got into the film, and the more aware of what’s going on we’re made, the more enjoyable it gets. There are some very well constructed scares, and some great kills. The zombie attacks themselves are really well done, and Schulze likes to linger on the shots of characters meeting their demise at the hands of these creatures. People are chewed on and torn apart, so keep that in mind if you’re a little squeamish.

laurenOf course, this could lead to a whole revisiting of classic films in this manner, but I think it could run it’s course rather quickly, and would lose it’s appeal. Once can be done as an homage, which this film does rather nicely, but going back to the well on this idea may be a rather poor idea.

The thing I loved most about the film is a fantastic score featuring a choral by composer Diego Navarro. Apparently I’m not the only one as it won the Best Original Score at Fantastic Estepona, where Schulze also won Best Director.

The film also took best Screenplay at La Samain Du Cinema Fantastique, and Best Feature at the 2012 Living Dead Film Festival in Chicago.

I think now that it’s hit home video that it will find it’s audience, and garner quite a cult following.

So if you like zombie movies, love the classics, but like a modern twist, this one may be right up your alley.

Mimesis is available now.



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