Lost Girl S03E05 – Faes Wide Shut


This week’s episode of Lost Girl begins to give us more questions about what’s going on with our heroes than answers.

Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are trying to find a balance between their relationship, and Bo’s need to feed. While they agree that it’s best that Bo has some extracurricular activities you can see in Lauren’s eyes that she’s of two minds about it. The scientific side of her realizes that Bo needs more than her to survive, but the emotional side is more than a little hurt by it I think.

It gets worse when the little dalliance that Bo brings back to the apartment winds up dead not so very far away… And both Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) are starting to think that the unaligned succubus may have more to do with it than she’s admitting to. Dyson doesn’t believe she’s capable of murder, but her scent on the body is unmistakable. Tamsin, affiliated as she is with the Dark, is more than willing to believe the Bo murdered the woman, and the other fae from the end of episode 1. Trouble is coming to Bo town…

bolaurenkenziIn the interim though Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) has run down a case for her and her bestie to investigate, it seems a human male has simply collapsed into a pile of green goo. Their leads bring them to a sex club, a Bacchanalia, run by Roman (Damon Runyan), who as our heroes investigate learn some rather troubling things, and a new sub-fae is introduced and partially glimpsed, and let me just say, GAH!

Woven through all of this, are secrets, there is so much going on here now that we don’t know. I was struck halfway through the episode that our trio, Lauren, Bo and Kenzi are all keeping things from each other, whether they know it or not. Bo, in the episode’s climax goes all glowy-eyed again, and threatens Lauren, until the good doctor talks her down slowly… but now Lauren knows something is terribly wrong with her lover. A fact she shares with someone via phone at the end of the episode. Who?

kenziThen of course, there’s the whole thing with Kenzi. At the tail end of last week’s episode we saw Kenzi pulled off into the dark, and yet this week, here she is. Bo even mentions the phone call that Kenzi made before she was grabbed, so it’s not something we dreamed about.

We also see through the course of the episode that this is not the Kenzi we know and love, she’s manipulative and cruel, trying to turn Bo and Lauren against one another, and a total lack of compassion for anyone else but herself. This is not our Kenzi.

Despite that, Bo doesn’t do anything about odd-Kenzi until the episode’s end, when she slams her up against a column and demands to know where Kenzi really is!!

annaA strong episode, seriously lacking in Trick (Rock Howland) though. Our fave King only has about 3 scenes, though his delivery of the line “So many glasses to polish” is priceless as well as his dialogue with Kenzi clarifying that he did not say anything about being Bo’s grandfather and going to the Bacchanalia.

Keep these strong episodes coming, but please, more Trick and hey, how about some with our temporary Ash, Hale (K.C. Collins)?

And maybe some answers…

Just saying.

Lost Girl airs on Showcase Sunday nights.


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  1. Audrey says:

    Was such a HUGE episode guys ! My heart still shaking about all happened ! Kenzi manipulating … but also being deeply hurted about not been listened in the past episod when she wanted speak to Bo and Hale about her arm … And it made it stronger with this thing happen to her which took advantage of this situation.
    Lauren, poor Lauren … I have so much the heart broken and hurted seeing each scene about Bo and Lauren relationship, since they took this decision.. And Kenzi manipulating about Dyson’s love .. Aouch ! I really dont know how this history (the triangle) will finish but really ask myself how they will manage it !
    Trick has again some good quotes again in this one lol ! And after Kenzi said to him about Bo, we sse that he doubts about something .. About what Kenzi said or about the way Kenzi reacted ?
    And the call of Lauren .. I think it could be for him. Or not ? There’re always such surprises in this show that we never know !
    Lauren, in this season, start to change her priority and make pass the feelings and relationships, before work and laws. And it’s so great ! Her character evoluated in this way too and we find a Lauren more sensitive and less “carrée” 🙂
    But it’s Dyson’s turn now … saying to Tamsin that he has to do his work and see about this case and Bo …
    Kenzi and Bo changing into a side … darker, in same time… seems some big episodes to follow again ..
    We say tune .. for sure ! 🙂
    Come back soon Hale ! An LG episode cant be perfect without you !

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