Bomb Girls S02E05 – The Harder We Fight


It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the second season of Bomb Girls! Of course this time last year, we only had one episode left to go, so I take solace in the fact that we currently have about half a dozen episodes left to go this time around.

If last week was about the secrets that we keep, then this week’s is all about changes.

gladysTaking center stage this time around in an episode penned by Julia Cohen is Gladys Witham (Jodi Balfour) and the troubled, let’s be honest, he’s a spoiled self-serving brat who is suffering from shell shock, though almost no one, especially him can admit it, Eugene Corbett (Brett Dier). Gene continues his pursuit of Gladys and sadly she lets him. Oh, Gladys, what are you doing? I’m not a fan of James either, but oh sweetie, you can do so much better, and Gene is a time bomb about to go off… Neither Lorna (Meg Tilly) nor Mrs. Witham (Kate Hennig) are happy about what their children are doing with one another… and what about her fiancee?

Betty McRae (Ali Liebert) butts heads with some new recruits especially Reggie Harrison (Jasmine Richards). They are both strong women who both had to grow up too quick,  Betty learns that Reggie is underage, and the two of them come to blows in the canteen before Lorna and Mr. Aikens (Richard Fitzpatrick) break it up.

fightReggie is a go-getter, knows what she’s doing and won’t be stopped, I think she’s going to be a good addition to our cast of characters. She can also show the prejudice that exists in the time, as she is not only a woman, but a woman of color. Lorna, learning that Reggie loses her housing accommodations because of who she is, arranges for her to stay at the Corbett household which is really nice.

Kate Andrews (Charlotte Hegele) is still trying to perfect her flirting, and is so adorably inept, and honestly, I can relate. She gets some pointers from Marco (Antonio Cupo), and by episode’s end, she’s inadvertently flirted with Ivan (Micheal Seater) who asks her out. She says, yes, only if it’s ok with Betty.

marcoMarco has some problems of his own as the RCMP shows up to harass him, Vera (Anastasia Phillips) thinks it may have something to do with a new project coming to Victory Munitions. It still boggles that we had internment camps here for people who were considered a threat to the country. They came to the country looking for a new life, and this is how their adopted country treated them. I wonder if Marco and his family will even decide to return to Italy after the war is over? That is if his father survives the camp, his release was denied.

Vera is fighting for change in her own life when she learns that the position of office manager is open. Carol (Carlyn Demers) has her eye on it too,and after learning that Vera is a patriot-tute and has gifts from all of her fellows. So when Vera arranges for a mixer to help the girls and the new recruits get used to one another, Carol arranges for her to be outed.

The episode ends with Eugene sitting in the yard, and looks like he’s getting closer to a breakdown…

The writing and the characters continue to excel at being amazing television, and I love how the world is being expanded with the introduction of new characters, new sides of a history I shamefully didn’t know.

veraI love what’s being done this season. With the first season we were introduced to the world and welcomed these girls into our hearts, joining their families, and wanting nothing but the best for them. With this season the canvas has expanded, we know the characters now, their mistakes hurt us more, their successes lift us higher,  and through it all, we learn that much like the viewer, these characters are human. They are the best and worst of us, a reflection of us, in a time that I hope none of us ever have to live to see again.

I really do love this show.

Bomb Girls airs Wednesdays on Global.


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