Iron Sky (2012) – Timo Vuorensola

I remember first hearing about this film when it was just a fun little trailer on YouTube. It just looked so terribly goofy, and yet the computer generated effects looked pretty damned good. And how does this not sound like B-movie goodness… Nazis on the moon with flying saucers?!?! It practically writes itself!

This would have been the ultimate B-Movie if they had’ found a way to get Bruce Campbell in there somewhere, instead they’ll have to settle for a rating of a wicked awesome (wicksome).

I came across it on Netflix the other night and decided to settle in and watch it, and its so incredibly, and intentionally bad, it comes around to gut-bustingly good.

A U.S. expedition is returning to the moon as a promotional stunt for the president (Stephanie Paul), never actually called Sarah Palin, but the implication is there visually in her appearance and especially with all the Alaskan animals stuffed and mounted about her office. They are actually sending model, James Washington (Chris Kirby) along as part of the publicity, promoting it with the slogan, I kid you not, “Black to the Moon.”

julieOn arriving, during the opening sequence, things actually get really cool right off the bat, the astronauts find a mining facility in operation, gathering helium 3, but who could possibly be there? As they stay stunned, up rises a Nazi soldier in modified gear for the moon, and shoots a luger. I was alternately shaking my head and smiling, knowing I was in for a fun ride.

Washington is captured and taken to the Nazi base, where they have been hiding out since the end of the war, preparing and training with the belief that they are going to take back the Earth someday. We’re introduced to some interesting characters, first the lovely Renate Richter (Julie Dietze), who believes the Party’s lies and as a teacher educates her students that they will return to earth in peace and love. Klaus Adler (Gotz Otto) has other plans though, he has designs on Renate and on being the new Führer, if he can find a way to be rid of the current leader, Kortzfleisch (Udo Kier).

jamesThey discover Washington’s iphone, and are stunned to learn that it’s computer is more powerful than any they have created to date, and that it will be strong enough to power their ultimate weapon, if the battery lasts. Klaus plans to travel to earth to find more of them, and takes a albinized (seriously)  Washington with him, Renate tags along, already developing feelings for the American.

presidentOnce there, Klaus and Renate join forces with a PR rep, Vivian Wagner (Peta Sergeant) who incorporates a lot of the party line, spouted by Renate into a Republican platform for the president. (Tell me that isn’t a pointed political comment!). Washington, meanwhile, is now a hobo living on a street corner trying to warn the world about the Space Nazis from the moon.

You can’t help but shake your head and laugh at this movie, it never takes itself seriously, it’s tongue is firmly in its cheek, and I quite enjoyed it. I mean where else can you see F-15’s chasing down Nazi flying saucers through the streets of New York?

There are tons of terrible, groan-worthy lines, lots of visual gags, some you may not even catch the first time around, entertaining space battles, some social and political commentary, satire, discussion of censorship and a lot of laughs.

Check it out on Netflix, turn off your brain, and just enjoy the ride…


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