Bomb Girls S02E02 – Roses Red


Last week’s episode brought our best gals back to Victory Munitions, and reintroduced new viewers to the world of Bomb Girls. This week, as our characters are finding their ways back to who they are, and where they are supposed to be, we realize that even as things are coming together, and we’re seeing them as they are, they, and we by extension, are about to take on a very tough road.

Kate (Charlotte Hegele) is having nightmares and waking visions of her father (John Ralston), and she confers with Betty (Ali Liebert) about her need to be sure of his fate. See… rocketing towards trouble!

jodiGladys (Jodi Balfour) is missing James (Sebastian Pigott), so as it is Valentine’s Day, she is spreading cheer to make cheer by handing out cards to all her friends, and trying to throw together plans for the evening.

Ivan (Michael Seater) still trying to court Betty, urges her to join him at The Jewel Box, when she mentions Kate, he tells her they’ll make it a double date, and says he’ll bring along a friend.  This is going to be a problem…

Marco (Antonio Cupo) gets thrown for a loop when Lorna (Meg Tilly) reveals that she’s still pregnant, and is planning on leaving when it’s time to give birth, and then return when it’s all taken care of. Marco offers to take the child in himself, but Lorna denies him, having made her decision. She goes to see Akins (Richard Fitzpatrick) about being transferred off the line, down to the kitchen, at a lower rate of pay, but out of sight from the girls on the line. But she still hasn’t revealed it all to Bob yet… trouble??

Things take a turn for the better though, when James shows up to surprise Gladys before he ships out to Europe.

aliThe gals night out at The Jewel Box is ruined for all parties, when Kate thinks she sees her father, which frightens her, as she and Betty returned to the scene of their crime only to find the body gone. Is he alive is he dead? Kate is shaken, and it’s obvious that Betty would rather be with her than Ivan, though he seems blissfully ignorant of that for the moment.

Lorna and Bob (Peter Outerbridge) have a huge blow-up about Lorna’s fling and her pregnancy, infuriating Bob so much that he throws her out of the house. Seems our gals can’t get a break this week, but that’s what makes them human, none of the characters are black or white, they exist in shades of grey, just like you and I, and perhaps that’s why we relate to them so well.

Gladys’ night gets thrown for a loop, when in a drunken moment, James reveals that he’s afraid that we won’t be able to kill the enemy, and that he will get all of his men killed. When it’s a paper target he does fine, but when it’s a human shape, he can’t do it. He thinks that makes him less than a hero, and after hearing about the fall of Singapore to the Japanese, Gladys reevaluates what it means to be a perfect soldier and works to console James, and by extension herself.

Lorna wanders the streets in the snow, looking in shop windows, which have displays devoted to woman power in the factories and in the home. There’s a poignant moment as she looks at the store’s dummies , a child one looking out from behind mother’s skirts. You can see her worrying and wondering, contemplating not only how she got there, but what her future will be. She spends the night asleep in the factory’s change room, sleeping on a bench.

bgcastIn an attempt to stay afloat, Kate goes back to her father’s caravan to gather some things and money her father has hidden away but runs into Detective Brody (Ron Lea) who brings her news of her father’s death, and asks her to identify the body. While she does, the two begin a dance that we know will have repercussions through the course of the season, lies, half-truths, and all of it is bound to come back and bite Kate on the butt. More trouble…

Kate plans to leave to protect Betty, and as they discuss it in the change room, as Betty draws closer and closer to admitting how strongly she feels for her, Gladys races in with a desperately ill Lorna,

Lorna collapsed during the news of the fall of Singapore, and it’s obvious that something is desperately wrong with the baby.

It is in this moment, that we see the four of them come together, keeping Lorna’s secret by spiriting her out of the factory and getting her quietly to the hospital. Kate cleans up at the factory, while the others roll Lorna into the hospital right into her daughter’s (Natasha Greenblatt) care, who learns that her mother is miscarrying.

But even while all these things are going on, Vera (Anastasia Phillips) has a wonderful time in this episode, after an initial fumble with her plans with Gladys falling apart, she meets a young soldier, and they have a great night together, with the valuable gift of silk stockings as a reminder.

Ivan is witness to Kate’s return to the boarding house, and the viewers are treated to a nice moment, as Betty and Kate embrace (seeing these two characters together makes me happy).  But you know there’s gonna be a problem with Ivan…

charlotteBob arrives at the hospital, and things take a turn for the worse when Marco shows up. Bob just knows that this is the guy, and no sooner has he sat down, than Bob pops him one, warning him to stay away from Lorna.

There’s a nice moment, when Lorna wakes in her bed, to have her daughter tending over her, and her husband sitting by the bed, at that moment, there is no judgment, there is only the family, and Lorna extends her hand to Bob, and he takes it. Yes they have troubles, but they are in it together.

Much like our gals.

They’re all back! With the second episode though, you can see things being set up for the course of the season, and that it’s not going to be an easy time for not only the country as the war drags on, but for the lives of those involved in it.

I have the feeling that there may be a lot of tears through the course of Season 2. That speaks highly of all those involved in the series, they have created characters and storylines that involve the viewers and the show continues to entertain, educate, and heartbreak.

Bomb Girls airs on Global Wednesday nights at 8.


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