Lost Girl S03E01 – Caged Fae

Lost Girl roared back on to our screens last night with a fun, and sexy, season premiere, called Caged Fae, or Lost Girl Meets Caged Heat.

After waiting, seemingly interminable months, we finally get to rejoin our Fae friends, and it doesn’t seem like too much time has passed, Kenzi’s (Ksenia Solo) rash is still there, so she brushes it off just saying it needs some polysporin. You and I both know that it’s going to cause trouble.

And speaking of trouble, the internet is abuzz with the idea that Bo (Anna Silk) is actually going to be the villain for the season. I’m not entirely sure about that, but I think she’s going to have to fave some very dark things about herself in the episodes to come.

She also murders someone with her abilities, and she hasn’t done that to an innocent for a long time.

bolaurenBo, masquerading as a bit of a criminal, ends up in a prison run by Amazons, to investigate the disappearance of the prison’s previous doctor, Lauren’s (Zoie Palmer) mentor. You get the requisite shower sequence, the fitted coveralls, and sexy costumes for work detail.

Written by Emily Andras, the season opener has a great sense of fun about it. The show allows us to draw up a stool, and  welcomes us back to the Dal, where Hale (K.C. Collins) is installed as the Acting Ash. Vex (Paul Amos) seems to be really enjoying himself, and being exceptionally flirty with any and all that come along, and his police officer get-up is just a hoot!

And speaking of a hoot, Trick (Rick Howland) talking about geezing it up with the flappers when the Dal was a speak easy back in the day, and how much of a hootenany it was priceless. I could just Trick whooping it up in the day. Awesome.

annaThe first season helped established the show and the world, the second allowed the characters to grow, this season hopefully we get to see them play.

I am hoping that we do get to go a little dark this season, that Bo explores her dark side. We already know Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) is gonna be a little cranky for a while, as it seems that Bo has made her choice and wants to give a relationship with Lauren a chance, YES!

Highlights of the episode included Kenzi showing up as Bo’s human lover, “The shorter the lifespan, the deeper the quicksand,” any scene with Vex (he’s still a scene-stealer), and of course Bo looking fantastic in anything she’s wearing.

I can’t wait to see where the season goes, admittedly it’s a shorter season this time around, but that means things are going to move quickly, and probably be very intense.

Such a fun and sexy episode, which continued to expand the Fae universe by introducing new twists on classic lore, and builds the relationship of our core group, setting up the dynamic for episodes to come.

Bring it on!

Lost Girl airs Sundays on Showcase.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Audrey says:

    Lost Girl team is the best !! \o/
    Indeed, after all these months to wait for this season, just seeing the 1st seconds of this episod, made my heart do big Boom Boom ! And even some tears !
    It was indeed a great episod ! 🙂
    I don’t think Bo and Lauren will stay together for long time unfortunately 😦 Bo is a Succubus, and also ,,, Dyson’s love is back, so …
    But I also want that Dyson be happy this season ! This last one was very hard for him and was very painful for fans too..
    Well, could write more about it (will do certainly), but for the moment, I just wis the best for the team and this new season wich start like a bomb ! 🙂
    Thank you Lost Girl cast and crew, you’re the best ! 🙂

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