The Mind Reels… Now On Smithee.TV

So where are all the new podcasts from your favorite film-loving duo? Well, in case you missed it, Sue and I are over on Smithee.TV – in a brand new studio!! We’ve got new guests, and returning guests, and lots to come! So if you enjoyed listening to us chat with those people you love, you should see us in action.

Join Sue and I for lots and lots of laughs, stories and fun.

Here’s a breakdown of our episodes so far, to whet your appetite…

Episode 1 – Anna & Seth. That’s right my friends, we got another chance to talk with the lovely and endearing Anna Silk, star of the hit series Lost Girl, and her equally fantastic husband Seth Cooperman. We chat briefly about the upcoming launch of Lost Girl Season 3, Seth’s awesome project he has in development (I’ll let him tell you about it), cats, travel, and whether or not Anna has days where she just wants to wear sweats…

Episode 2 – Chloe & Kiowa. Taped the same day as our chat with Anna and Seth, we were then joined in the studio by the stars of Lesser Blessed, which was showing at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Chloe Rose is one of the stars of Degrassi, and Kiowa Gordon shot to fame as Embry in the Twilight film series. In our chat we talk about Lesser Blessed, their respective careers, video games, and passing on tweets to Taylor Lautner.

Episode 3 – Katie Boland. It’s no secret that both Sue and I adore Katie, she’s a genuinely wonderful and talented person and we’re lucky to know her. We chat about her work in The Master, working with her mother Gail Harvey on the upcoming web-series Long Story Short, and of course the upcoming film from Jeremy LaLonde – Sex After Kids. And let’s be honest any chance to sit down and talk with Katie, we’ll take it.

Episode 4 – Jeremy LaLonde. Ahh Jeremy. If he hadn’t said yes to being our first interview, would Sue and I be where we are today? Hmmm. Much like Katie any chance to sit and talk with Jeremy we’ll take. We talk about Sex After Kids, Paul Shepard, his cast, his writing, things that scare us. I will admit, I was not at my best in this episode, so please forgive me 🙂

Episode 5 – Rodrigo Gudino of Rue Morgue. This was a great chat. Rodrigo joins Sue and I to talk about founding his magazine Rue Morgue, film festivals, spooky movies, Vanessa Redgrave and his creepy and beautiful film, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh.

Episode 6 – Pornstar Unplugged. Obviously lots of adult content in this one. Sue and I hurt from laughing and smiling so much after this one. We are joined in the studio by the adorable Supinder Wraich, from the brilliant web-series Guidestones, to talk about her new web-series Pornstar. She was joined by her co-star and filmmaker Sam Coyle, who is equally funny and engaging. The two of them are brilliant together, and you can tell that the four of us were truly having a good time. So as long as you aren’t much of a prude, check this one out!

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  1. Smellycat says:

    Yeaaaah ! You rock guys, and deserve it !!! 🙂

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