The Jewel of The Nile (1985)

After the troubling experience of Cannibal Holocaust, I decided to lighten it up a bit, and just revisit a fun, if not great movie.

So I decided to catch up with Jack T Colton (Michael Douglas), Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner – who I think never looked better than when she was in this pair of movies) and Ralph (Danny DeVito) in their follow-up to Romancing The Stone, The Jewel of The Nile.

Robert Zemeckis didn’t come back for this one, instead, helming this expedition is Lewis Teague (Cujo). This time out it’s goofier, and sadly no where near as entertaining as the first outing.

Our couple, Joan and Jack are stuck in a rut, they’ve been traveling the globe non-stop on the boat, Angelina (named for one of Joan’s characters) since we last left them at the end of the first movie.

And despite all the exotic locales, all the romantic hotspots, something seems to be missing,

It’s also affecting Joan’s writing. After countless novels, she doesn’t know how they end anymore. She is now constantly wondering what happens the next day, after the characters ride off into the sunset.

And that, is what has happened to her and Jack. It’s essentially the next day.

They’re still in love, but are almost at cross-purposes and Joan is even thinking about going back to New York for awhile to unwind, but Jack wants to go to Greece.

That is until Omar (Spiros Focas) shows up. He is about to proclaim himself Emperor in a country along the Nile and wants Joan to write his biography, telling the ‘truth’ about who is.

Joan sees it as a chance to do some serious writing, and Jack sees it as a brush off of him and his idea for Greece.

Joan leaves with Omar, and Jack bumps into Ralph, who has been in prison since we saw him at the end of the first film.

He’s eager for a little payback, and when the Angelina explodes, and a man shows up talking about a fabled Jewel of the Nile, the two form an uneasy alliance, as they plunge into adventure and catch up with Joan who is in a but of trouble.

She’s also in possession of the Jewel.

It’s a fun little action flick, but nowhere near the caliber of the first film. There’s a fun sequence with an F-16, Jack’s fight with a couple of natives, and a death trap as featured in Joan’s book Angelina’s Savage Secret.

Despite the fact that the three leads know their characters and look like they are having fun, the fact that the writers, the director, the music are all different make this a pale sequel in comparison to the original.

It’s still fun, it just doesn’t have the same magic.

Course it did have that great tune by Billy Ocean, the song of that summer for me…

When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going).


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