Natasha Eloi (Part 1)

Natasha Eloi is about as amazing as people come, she’s a self-taught videographer, a journalist, a sci-fi and movie geek, and just a delightfully fun soul whom Sue and I simply clicked with.

We met for an evening of chattage at the Duke of Kent, and we sat there for almost three hours, and recorded for almost two! Now instead of cherrypicking the best bits, and how do you do that with someone as amazing as Natasha, with all the brilliant stories and enthusiasm she has? We decided to break up the chat over three podcasts, all of then equally engaging, and showcasing Natasha’s sense of humour, her great stories, and just getting to know this amazing woman.

So order up a plate of fries, grab a pint or a cuppa, and enjoy the first part of our chat with Natasha Eloi (Part 1).

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