Doctor Who – Who is Oswin Oswald?


So Doctor Who returned to our screens Saturday night, with Matt Smith as 11, and Arthur Darvill and Karen Gilllian returning as the Ponds. But it was the early appearance of the next companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman that raised some curious questions.

The big surprise came near the end of the series opener, Asylum of the Daleks, as the Doctor is on his way to rescue a young woman trapped in an escape pod on a world of mad Daleks. In this case her escape pod has crashed into what could be the most dangerous part of this planetary asylum… Daleks who have encountered the Doctor previously and survived!

The Doctor risks his life to get to her, while Rory and Amy reconnect in a very nice moment, only to discover that for the entire episode, we’ve been seeing Oswin Oswald, as she sees herself, not as she really is. She isn’t this cute, spunky, super-genius of a girl who likes to make souffles. She was. But now…

She’s a Dalek.

(and if she’s a Dalek in this department of the planetary Asylum, basically chained and confined in a rubber room… was she a Dalek who had encountered the Doctor as well? What happened there?)

That’s all well and good for a one shot story, but, I’ve seen the pictures. Oswin comes back later in the series, as Jenna-Louise Coleman takes over as the Doctor’s companion.

So how is that going to happen?

We know he can’t interfere with his own timeline. That’s a no no.

I also don’t think she recognized him, so it’s not like he shows up earlier in her timeline, and then they go their separate ways later.

There was, however, that one shot where she looks right at camera, and says “Remember.”

Which is curious, because now she won’t know the Doctor should she meet him AFTER because she erased all memory of him from the Daleks collective memory. Course that wouldn’t explain how she became human again.  Moffat apparently has some magic to work.

And if the Doctor does go back and save Oswin from becoming a Dalek, won’t that change the whole timeline where he, Amy and Rory had her help escaping from the Asylum? And what made the Alaska crash in the first place?

I have no doubt Moffat has it all figured out, and we’ll all go, “Of course!” when it all comes together. But I was left delightfully scratching my head, wondering how they were going to pull this one off.

Let me also say that when I first saw pictures of Jenna-Louise as the new companion, I was a little unsure. But now, having seen her in this episode, I welcome her, she seems fun, irreverent, smart, and decidedly very cute.

So as loathe as I will be to see the Ponds go, especially now that they seem to be reverting back to the fun couple I remember, I’m looking forward to new adventures when Oswin comes back.

I’m so glad the Doctor is back!  I’m looking forward to all new adventures! And next week we get dinosaurs!! On a spaceship!!!

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