Friday The 13th (1980) – Revisited

I’m revisiting this one, though I wrote a post about it some time ago. Apprently it made the list of 101 Horror Movies, so I thought I would reexamine it in the context of all that had gone before it.

Much like Halloween before it, it full on embraces the stalker/slasher films that permeated the 80s, led by Michael and Jason, and in the not too distant future Freddy.

This is one of the films that helped cement the modern rules of the horror movie. That if you were promiscuous, did drugs, or anything that could be conceived of as slightly rebellious, you were a prime target for murder. And if you were a woman doing one of those things, well then you were assured a particularly brutal death, all the women victims in the Friday films tend to suffer more than their male counterparts.

I’m still not a fan of it, especially now that most of it seems so cliche. However at the time, it must have been rather shocking, in terms of its violence and and sexuality, though by today’s standards they seem rather tame.

And between this, and the hideous reboot, or it’s slew of copycats, I’ll choose this one.

So I may not love Campy Crystal Lake, but I think I understand and appreciate it a bit more for what it is now.

Still, when all is said and done, I prefer my scares and horror to be a bit more cerebral, not to rely on gore, but to mess with your mind and get under your skin. Happily, the next film on the list is exactly one of those… I’ll be heading back to the Overlook Hotel.

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