Sex After Kids Cast Members

As you can see in the other post today, I got a chance to visit the Sex After Kids set while they shot on the park on a gorgeous day, and just last weekend , Sue and I were invited back to the set where we got to chat with a couple more of the cast.

Each of the interviews is fairly short and sweet, but undeniably fun, and it shows the love that the cast have not only for the project, but for their director and castmates as well.

Jeremy has surrounded himself with some amazing and lovely people, all of whom were gracious with their time, and made us feel like part of the family.

Of course it helps that a few of the wonderful people we’d spoken to were former guests, and if we can be so bold, friends. It was great to see all of them again, and catch up with them, hear what they have to say about this project, without too many spoilers, and just chat about life in general.

So join Sue and I, as we chat with Amanda Brugel, Kate Hewlett, Mary Krohnert, Christine Horne, and yes, finally appearing briefly on our show… Kris Holden-Ried (hopefully we can invite him back for a longer chat in the future).

So please join us as we chat with Sex After Kids Cast Members.

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