Stone Cold (2005)

For those who know me, they know that Tom Selleck is probably one of my favorite actors.

Thomas Sullivan, my new stalwart companion, is named for one of my favorite Selleck characters, Thomas Sullivan Magnum.

So for all of that, why did it take me so long to watch this film?

That I can’t tell you.

I can tell you that I really liked it, and am going to be watching the rest of them as well.

Jesse Stone was created by Robert B. Parker, and is featured in a number of the author’s novels. He’s in his 30s in the novels, but Selleck’s interpretation as Stone, a cop in his late 50s early 60s actually seems to work really well for the film.

And Selleck is pitch-perfect. He’s funny, crafty, and smarter than everyone seems to give him credit for.

The story takes place in Paradise, Massachusetts (though actually shot in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia – and also features some familiar faces from Haven) and Jesse Stone is the Police Chief of this small town. Previously he was an LA cop, but a troubled marriage encouraged and fostered a drinking problem, which had him busted for being drunk on the job. He relocated to Paradise, on the opposite coast, and settled in to work there.

The film has two story lines, the ‘A’ story follows Jesse as he investigates a murder in his small town, a murder that turns into a spree as a a serial killer comes to town. The B story concerns a young high school student who is gang-raped by some of her fellow classmates.

Jesse and his team investigate both cases, drawing the attention of the killer onto himself, and plots to trap the killer himself.

The movie is well-written, allowing Selleck to play to his charms, as well as have a dark underside, as he battles with his alcoholism and the loss of a friend as the killer makes things personal.

I’ll be interested in reading the Jesse Stone books to learn whether or not the villains are revealed as early as they are in the film. We learn who the baddies are pretty early on, it’s watching Stone catch them that makes it fun!

Watching him in the B story is a treat, as he also learns fairly quickly who’s responsible the rape, and makes no effort to stop the girl’s father when he takes on one of the rapists and his father, decking them both.

Selleck is surrounded by a cast of familiar faces Mimi Rogers, Polly Shannon, Viola Davis, Jane Adams, Haven alumnus Stephen McHattie, and John Dunsworth.

While I may not read a lot of mysteries (I do like Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie) I do enjoy a mystery series tinged with a bit of police procedural.

This film falls right into that arena, and I am delighted to know that there are more films to the series, and I believe I may even delve into the books.

Have you read or watched the series?

What are your thoughts?

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