Polaris 26 – July 6-8, 2012


Great news!!!  The Mind Reels has been granted media accreditation for Polaris 26!  Polaris is Canada’s longest running media fan-run event, and is one that we have both partaken in almost regularly over the past several years.  Polaris has changed a lot in recent years, as well – it’s seen changes in everything from its name (Toronto Trek, T-Con, etc) to its audience to its location, and everything in between.  But through it all, the focus has remained on the fans themselves, and on giving everyone an event to enjoy – one worth returning to year after year.

Polaris is different from nearly every other media-centric convention in the Greater Toronto Area.  There are fan-run panels on every topic under the sun (or star, or black hole, or constellation – take your pick), where attendees can gather to discuss their favourite TV shows, movies, books, themes, entertainers, ideas, etc.  The programming topics range from the serious to the silly to the sublime, and there is almost certainly something for everyone.  Whether you be into crafting or costuming, Trek or Wars, Whedon or Who, Polaris is the place to find other folks who are of the same mind – as well as those who will happily argue various vague points with you, if you prefer!

There is a huge marketplace which routinely contains everything your little geek heart could desire, as well as contests and an array of special events that will have your weekend passing by so quickly you’ll wonder where it went!  The Blastoff Party is always a highlight, offering a limited number of members the chance to spend some exclusive, more intimate time with many of the attending guests in a more relaxed and social atmosphere than one could otherwise achieve.  Members can also strut their stuff as part of the Masquerade or participate in some Klingon Karaoke over the course of the weekend.  As well, the Constellation Awards ceremony and the Z’AARX charity auction (raising money in support of Gilda’s Club) are both popular and fun events to attend every year.

And then there are the guests.  Generally, there is a solid literary draw at a Polaris event, but just as large is the number and variety of actor guests they manage to bring in every year.  At this moment, the names you can expect to find at this year’s event include the likes of Tony Amedola, J.G. Hertzler, Dichen Lachman, Robert O’Reilley, and some guy named Wil Wheaton.  😉

Any of that can change, of course, but regardless, it’s still a very impressive line-up, and Tim and I would be more than happy to chat with any and all of them, if there ends up being any spare time for interviews!  I guess technically, I’m hoping that they add another female actor guest, just so Dichen won’t have to carry the estrogen torch all by herself – though I am sure that she is more than up to the task!

I know I am forgetting to mention a lot of things, but fear not – there will be more Polaris info coming at you in the coming weeks, both leading into the weekend, and MUCH more during and after the event!

For now, please feel free to go check out their website and, if you are in the area at all, consider becoming a member, as this is likely the last year that the Polaris event will be run with this format, and it would be tragic to miss out on what is generally a very fun and unique experience!  Either way, however, Mind Reels will be there to cover as much of the action for you as we possibly can, so bring on the 6th!

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