The Killing – Day 24 – Bulldog


Okay, we are now mere DAYS away from finding out who killed Rosie Larsen, and I am practically sick with anticipation, so this is going to be one scattered post!  I can’t even really bring myself to focus on the events of this episode, because my mind is a-flurry with theories and thoughts right now.  So no synopsis this time – let’s just jump right in and talk about everything, shall we?

It took him being arrested, shot, paralyzed and a roller-coaster of an election campaign, but – with one day to go before voters hit the polls – Darren Richmond finally came clean with everyone about where he was the night Rosie Larsen died.  Mayor McSmug tried to use the info as a final ploy to get Darren to withdraw from the race, but instead, he used it as a reason to keep fighting – for all of Seattle to keep fighting.  I’m not sure if his speech will do the trick, or not, but I have to admit that I was kind of proud of him.  He’s said all along that he wanted to run an honest campaign, and telling the world about his suicide attempt seemed like the most un-politically-motivated move he’s made thus far.  I think the biggest effect that speech had was that it released him in a way nothing else has – the truth really did set him free this time, I think.  Good for him.

Gwen continues to kick butt and take names, though I’ll be the first to admit to being a tad biased towards her as a character.  I don’t think she killed Rosie, but if I am wrong, I won’t really be surprised, either.  For now, though, she’s still not on my suspect list at all, and I instead am enjoying watching her find her true strengths in the male-dominated political arena.  No longer a slave to the whims of Richmond, the Mayor, nor her father (Senator McSlime, let’s say), Gwen has stepped up in my eyes and become a true player – not just in this campaign, but in her own life and career.  She’s making her own decisions, and she’s taking no prisoners when it comes to getting what she wants.  I’ve begun to admire her these past few eps, so I’m really hoping she’s not the killer!  lol

The main reasons I don’t think it’s Gwen?  A) The only woman who seems like they could chase a girl through the forest at night and beat her before tying her up, locking her in the trunk of a car and pushing it into the water is Dykey McJackson’sAssistant.  Gwen doesn’t seem like the type for that kind of physical violence.  B) She wouldn’t have known Richmond was going to drive off to that bridge and jump – and maybe or maybe not come back, so she isn’t likely to have gone to the cops and destroy her own alibi by giving up Richmond’s, as well, when she admitted he wasn’t with her the whole night.  C) While her being at the casino that night is possible (and it gives a great explanation for how the killer got a hold of the campaign car) what did she do after she pushed the car and Rosie into the lake – walk home?

I think Jamie is a more likely suspect, if we’re gunning for someone in the Richmond camp.  Plus, he’s on my list, with Rick.  And Tom the Billionaire.  But again – the blood on the backpack and the key card has never been proven to be Rosie’s…was the blood on the sweater in the field even definitely hers?  Because she didn’t look like she had enough wounds around the head and neck to have bled all down the front of the sweater like that, but after being in the water for so long, who knows, really?  Anyway, even proving who was in that room at the casino that night isn’t the same as proving that one of them killed Rosie.  A lot happened between the casino and the lake – and why not just kill her on the only property in the Seattle area that the cops can’t touch without a federal warrant, if you’re already there?  Why go through the whole charade of keeping her alive in the car – beating and chasing her – all so you can drown her in a lake miles away?

As a quick aside – things I loved in this week’s ep?  The dog dressed as a pirate, Alexi killing Janek, Stan NOT killing Janek’s guy, and Linden on the elevator security camera…so so brilliant!  Now that she’s off the case, she’s a better cop than ever!  She simply doesn’t give a crap about the rules anymore – she’s just going to catch the bad guy and solve the case!  I’ve never seen her smile so much in one episode, and that bit in the elevator (after asking about those very cameras when they went in to search the 10th floor) had me laughing and clapping in glee.  So much fun!

Mitch is back – that ought to be interesting.  Poor Stan.  He looks so tired, and coming home to find her there, his face just kind of said, “What NOW?!”

I’ve seen and heard mention about that key card, and how easy it would be to have it changed/re-coded.  Which is totally true.  But would it not also be just as easy to find out who’d had it re-coded?  The person MUST have known that they’d lost it when they’d needed one for work on Monday.  Now, maybe they knew exactly where it had been lost, but then they should have made sure that someone at the casino (clearly they are all in on something) went and checked that room for it while they were cleaning up.  And if they weren’t sure, then they would have had a new one issued to them while getting the one that was lost disabled, or something.  I’m not sure that there was enough time – after hours – to get Jackson’s phone call (after shutting Roberta’s hand in the door – GAH!), and find someone to re-code the card before Linden and Holder tried to figure out which door it opened.  I guess they could have had it done earlier just in case, though.  Still, wouldn’t that have raised any red flags at all?  It’s probably common practice for people to lose things, but you’d think the security at City Hall would be a tad tighter.

Anyway, with each episode getting even better than the last, I am hoping against hope that there will be more Killings in Seattle for a few seasons more, and that Holder and Linden will become the dynamic duo of homicide investigations that we all know they were meant to be!

In the meantime, though, bring on the 2-hour finale!!!  Is it Sunday yet?!

The Killing airs Sundays at 9pm EST on AMC


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  1. Mars says:

    I like your take on “who dunnit.” I think it’s Jamie. I don’t think it’s Adams for the very reason you mentioned. Getting the card re-coded could be done, I suppose. But that would mean more corruption in City Hall. Isn’t anyone honest anymore? Nice synopsis, though. Like you, I can’t wait for next Sunday!

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