Continuum S01 E02 – Fast Times


Continuum throws us right back into it this week, putting us right back in the year 2077 with Kiera (Rachel Nichols) getting outfitted as a CPS Protector for the first time, we learn some info about her, her CPS ID – 116914 and see her getting her tech issued, including her wicked pistol, her ocular devices (which can record solidly for 36 hours, something which may already be filled up, unless she can delete some of it – but how much, you know she’ll keep all of things about her family, but what if something gets deleted that will later be important… hmmm).

And through the windows of CPS headquarters we get to see the Vancouver of 2012, and some awesome looking flyers.

Very cool.

We slip back to 2012 and join Travis (Roger Cross), Kellog (Stephen Lobo) and the other members of Liber8 are planning to break into a power substation of BC Power, as Lucas (Omari Newton), their resident tech engineer believes he can power up their Device and get home. However Kellog doesn’t wish to go, and in fact the group leaves for the substation without him, while he goes to a bank and makes a huge deposit, and visits his future home.

In his discussion with the group before they go their separate ways he advocates staying in 2012, making their stand here, there is still 50 years before the Corporate Act is passed in 2062. He argues they could warn people, change the future now.

The rest, just want to get home now that the opportunity presents itself.

Meanwhile Kiera shows at the police station, and puts Betty’s (Jennifer Spence) nose out of joint (apparently she has a crush on Carlos (Victor Webster)). No sooner does Kiera try to get to work, when she is approached by the Chief Dillon (Brian Markinson) and another officer, this one from Portland Oregon, blowing her cover as Linda Williams.

Kiera is taken into custody as Liber8 attacks a substation, causing a power outage and trapping Kiera and Carlos in an elevator long enough for her to use her tech suit to escape… sweet.

When Liber8 attacks the substation one of the guards uses a hand held taser, to absolutely no effect on Travis. That’s an interesting bit, suggesting Travis, and the rest of the group (?) may have been augmented somehow.

With Alec’s (Eric Knudsen) help, Kiera steals a car, having escaped the elevator and Carlos, and we’re given another little moment of fun, as we learn she’s never driven a gas-powered vehicle before. Which leads to another question… cause we’ve seen how most of the public get around in 2077, using the trains, but how do the Protectors get around? Do they have spinners like in Blade Runner?

The substation plan doesn’t pay off, and Liber8 is seen leaving the building just before Kiera arrives. But they’ve already got another plan.

And with Alec’s help, Keira figures it out…

Alec tells her about Simon Fraser, a scientist who has a theory about linear colliders, rocket fuel, and faster than light travel. Kiera upon learning that this information is public knows that he will be a target, and arrives to late to stop them at Fraser’s home, and heads to the University in pursuit, contacting Carlos on the way.

Dillon and Carlos, along with back-up head to the University.

Kiera, meanwhile, realizing what Liber8 is attempting uses her camo-tech to sneak up and take Sonya (Lexa Doig) hostage, and saves Fraser’s life, convincing Travis to let him go.

Then, she destroys the emergency shutdown, meaning the linear collider that Liber8 is using is unstoppable, pouring all of it’s energy into the Device.

However, the process fails, shattering the Device into its respective separate parts, which Liber8 struggles to reclaim, missing one, as Carlos and company show up, too late to catch the terrorists, but re-capturing Kiera.

As Kiera weeps over the lost chance to get home, and see her little boy Sam (Sean Michael Kyer), and husband, Alec works on creating her a more complete cover, which Betty investigates, finally ascertaining it’s legit, and presenting it to Dillon.

Dillon releases her from custody, and invites her to head the task force to stop the gang, as her cover, he believes, came down from the highest levels.

She agrees, and Carlos gets her kitted out with info, a gun, and a desk.

There’s also another moment when one wonders how bad the future is… as Kiera gives the water cooler an odd look.

Finally, as the episode closes, Kiera sees a piece of the Device in an evidence bag and pontificates on why she’s here in 2012, hoping to get home but if not, then preserving history as she knows it so that her family is ok.

But if the corporations take over completely, how can that be a good thing?

Yes, I want Kiera to be happy with her family, but where are the personal freedoms… and where the hell is all the water?

Continuum airs Sunday nights on Showcase.


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