Getting into Continuum – Meet Kiera Cameron

Showcase, continuing to prove that Canadian television rocks, is about to premiere a new series, Continuum, on May 27th.

And it looks like our good friend Bo from Lost Girl may have some competition in the strong, sexy female lead department.

I got a sneak peek at it over the weekend thanks to our good friends at Shaw Media, but you’ll have to wait until the week of the 27th to read my thoughts on the series premiere.

In the interim thing, I thought I would introduce you to a couple of the characters over the next couple of weeks.

The first is the series lead and star Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron.

Rachel first came to my attention in the unfortunately shortly lived Tim Minear series, The Inside, in which she starred alongside Peter Coyote and Adam Baldwin. From there she kept popping up in memorable smaller parts, she played Scarlett, one of the redeeming features of the first G.I. Joe movie, and as Gaila in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot. She also played a recurring character in Criminal Minds.

She now takes on the role of Kiera Cameron in Continuum. Kiera is a tough, sexy protector for CPS (City Protective Services) in the year 2077. She has a loving husband, Gregg, and son, Sam.

She balances the needs and draws of all three, and seems, when we first meet her, to be living a fairly balanced work and family life.

However, she’ll soon be taken well out of her comfort zone, as she’s dragged back in time to the year 2012 and finds herself in pursuit of a fanatical group of terrorists bent on starting a war.

There’s only 8 of them, for now, but they’re recruiting others into their army, and it’s up to Kiera to stop them, and try and find a way home.

I’m not going to go any deeper than that, I’m saving all my thoughts of my review a little later, but I will say this…

I am suitably intrigued by the story, the way it’s being presented, and I do love a strong, sexy female lead… right Bo?

Continuum is (currently) a 10 episode series which begins Sunday, May 27 at 9pm on Showcase.

I’ll be there.

I recommend you take a look too!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Seems to be very interesting !!!! BUT … you know what I’m going to say lol …. Bo will stay my best hehe 😉
    Impatient to know more about this show 🙂

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