The Last Starfighter Podcast!

Here it is!

Our chat with the amazing Catherine Mary Stewart and equally awesome (and taller than you think) Lance Guest!

We were very lucky to be able to meet these two amiable and gracious stars thanks to the hard work of a mutual friend, Ryan Goldhar – check out his appearance on our show next week – you won’t believe what he tells us!!

I said in a post from last weekend that it’s not always a bad thing to meet your heroes, and this case totally proved it. They were funny, charming, and made us feel more like friends than interviewers and it makes the experience of watching The Last Starfighter that more amazing and poignant for me now.

There is a quick lull in the middle as seats are shifted that I left in because you can still hear Catherine and Lance chatting with one another (it’s adorable).

So, join us for a convention and an amazing chat on our The Last Starfighter Podcast!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    Kickass! loved that movie

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