Wizard World Comic Con Toronto

It was a pretty sweet weekend for Sue, and I. We had our first fan table at the Wizard World Comic Con here in T.O, and we had so much fun with it.

Our mornings started with a quick chat and beverage with our fellow con -goers and exhibitors. That is an awesome and eclectic experience because you just don’t know who you’re going to bump into.

Sue and I settled into our table, getting set up, and ready for the two days ahead of us. Sue and I were giddy with excitement over what we were going to see and do this weekend., and who we would be talking to, and all the new people we would meet.

First thing Saturday morning we wandered over to the Last Starfighter table to say hello to Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart, as we were lucky enough to have a mutual friend who had arranged an interview for us.

Then we settled in, after our photo-op tickets had been purchased to chat with all those people who visited out table… and some of them looked very familiar…

It was also an odd experience to be working our table, and be approached to a couple of people I hadn’t seen in years and who were stunned to find me here touting our successful blog and podcast.

At out table, we were not only promoting our own site, we also chatted about Sue’s books Carving The Light, and Ebon Black and the Seven Dryads, as well as talking about the awesome webseries Guidestones and the new comic book series by our friend Kate Carlsen – Dyke Master 3000. We had a great bunch of people come over and chat about our podcast and blogs (welcome to our site if you came here because of Comic Con).

People were friendly, interested, and were more than happy to engage in conversation with us about all the things we cover here on the blog.

Kate skated around in front of our table (in character) and chatted with everyone! She had a great time, it was her first con experience ever, and I think she really enjoyed herself.

Sue got to say hi and have her photo taken with the Vampire Diaries guests, and then was completely gob-smacked by The Edge, like a giddy school-girl . I should make clear right now, that neither Sue nor I are wrestling fans, but we are huge Haven fans, and he seemed absolutely delighted that we were interested in that and his acting career.

We had a brief chat with him at our table and hopefully laid some groundwork for a future chat with him. He’s on his way back to Nova Scotia to join the cast for Season 3.

So while Sue was being all giddy about that, I got stunned to my core twice on the weekend.

Once when Sue and I had our photo op with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell… Anyone who read my post on Quantum Leap KNOWS how much that show means to me.

So moments into the picture-taking process, after shaking Dean and Scott’s hand telling him what a huge pleasure it was to meet him, I had to just stop talking, or I was going to break down right then and there. You can almost see it in my eyes in our photo. I’m holding on but barely.

I stumbled out of the photo-op, and Sue was very sympathetic, knowing what an emotional experience I had just been through.

With The Mind Reels we’ve met and interviewed some amazing people, and at previous cons and expos I’ve chatted with some major names… But Scott and Dean together about knocked me down completely.

But I had to outdo myself on day two. In a moment when there weren’t a lot of people in his line, I stepped away from our table, which Kate was manning, and raced through his line-up, chatting with his minders and telling them no, no I don’t need a photo-op or an autograph, I just want to say hi.

Then it was my turn.

I almost froze.

I introduced myself, shook his hand, he was very gracious. And I explained about our blog and podcast, and pulled out a hard copy of the one I had written about Leap a couple of weeks ago. I told him, that I just wanted to say thank you…

And then I couldn’t talk anymore. I just about lost it.

I told him he could throw it out as soon as I stepped away, but I just had to give it to him, and say thank you. On that second thank you, my throat locked and I couldn’t say anything at all.

Scott was polite, friendly and thanked me for those words, and for coming to see him. I couldn’t do anything else but wave at him as my eyes and throat began to burn.

I just about broke down right there in the middle of the con, and barely stumbled back to our table.

I don’t know if he’ll ever read that post, but I know I gave it to him, I know it’s out there forever, so maybe someday… somehow… someone will get it into his hands. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually be able to talk to him.

Sue found a mo to step away to have herself Simpson-ized by original Simpsons artist, Phil Ortiz, it looks fantastic!

Sadly while Sue was away…

I was attacked…

Somehow, I survived.

It was touch and go there for a moment, since there were no stormtroopers, jedi or superheros around to save me.

I also made sure I ran over to introduce myself to Sean Maher, because if it wasn’t for our shared love of Firefly, Sue and I may never have met.

He was a little stunned at first that that was why I had come up to his table, but was more than happy to shake my hand over it, and accept my thanks.

The highlight of the entire weekend, and we told them this when we saw them, in our professional photo shoot, was spending time with Catherine Mary Stewart and Lance Guest.

They found time for us, each and every time we went to see them. We chatted back and forth, and the podcast should be just bril when it goes up next weekend.

It just blew us away, that these people, who we grew up thinking were cool, and still are, thought we were cool as well, and happily accepted us.

Both of them said very kind things, and were just amazing, they made us laugh, and by the end of the weekend made us feel that we were more than just another interview.

Like I said in yesterday’s post, meeting your heroes isn’t always disappointing, sometimes they exceed your expectations of them…

For me, Scott, Catherine and Lance (who is so much taller than you think he is) are those exceptions.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

And Catherine and Lance, thank you for being so damned cool and friendly!

I call the Toronto Wizard World Comic Con a wonderful success!!

See you next year!


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  1. Hey glad you had great time guys !! 🙂

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