Back To The Zoo

It was another gorgeous Sunday, and the weather was perfect for the zoo, and obviously the animals thought so to because they were up and about, more so when they’ll be in August when the sweltering heat and crowds flock will descend upon them.

We got to see the new baby penguin, as well as revisit the polar bear cub, who’s grown a bit since we saw him last month.

He’ll be a towering mass of muscle in no time at all, but for now, he’s adorable and seemed quite content to work on play with his toys, and lap at his fish popsicle.

No seriously, a fish popsicle.

We were also fortunate enough to time our visit to the lions to match with a visit from the zoo keeper, who also fed them while we were there. That alone was impressive, you could hear the bones crunching as their jaws worked. Simply awesome.

These beasts are incredible to watch, and they knew it was time for something to eat as soon as they heard the voice of the keeper. They both wandered over and sat patiently waiting, until they saw, or heard the rustle of their snacks being pulled out. Then you could see both of them drop to a pouncing position and just wait. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that stare! But wow, watching them, amazing.

The adult polar bears were also the most active that Sue and I had seen to date, and one of them was in the water playing with a giant plastic container, alternately trying to climb atop it, or maul and chew through it.

When they pull themselves out of the water, you are left stunned at how large these animals are, and that those paws and teeth could do you in within moments.

So if you have the chance, get out to the zoo before the mild weather vanishes, and the crowds and the heat put you off.

And make sure you check on the still as yet unnamed polar bear cub, who I’m sure won’t be so little for very long. Nor as goofy I would wager.

Sue and I are toying with the idea of more zoo posts, and possibly even focusing on specific animals.

Not to worry, we won’t be doing a nature show here, we just enjoy checking out the animals, we definitely have our favorites, and figure we would share our experiences with you.


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  1. So cute ! 🙂 If I go to TO for several days, just want to visit it !

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