Game of Thrones Exhibit at the Lightbox

Yup, sometimes being here in Toronto is pretty cool. It also helps to have some awesome friends who offered me a free ticket to take in the Game of Thrones Exhibit being put on at the Lightbox, the home of the Toronto International Film Festival.

I have to say that I like the Lightbox, and I keep toying around with getting a membership. We’ll see what happens.

Howver, I was very eager to take a look at the props, photos, costumes, and behind the scenes info first hand.

And, the exhibit did not disappoint, though I felt, honestly, that they could’ve had more.

What there is made you think how cool it would be to see more.

They had a little sampling of everything, their were banners, plates, cups, a dragon egg, and some very nice weapons. The work on the scabbards was incredibly detailed, things that would never show up on camera, but simply added to the detail of the world – that is the kind of work I admire – making the world as real as possible.

There was a centerpiece of costumes, and my favorite had to be Jon Snow’s costume from the first series, his black, fur collared cloak, and his outfit. Very cool. Once again the details on it just made the world seem all that more lived in.

There were pics from the first series, as well as some images from the second series that I hadn’t seen yet, though, I’ve been kind of avoiding exposure to the second series, despite the fact that I already know what happens, having read the source material.

I ripped through the books. I had only watched the first episode, and was totally hooked by it, and promptly went out and bought the books, I am waiting, ever so patiently for Dance of Dragons to hit paperback (I have the rest in paperback, so it wouldn’t do to change format types right now – it would throw my bookshelves right out of whack, and I’m a little OCD about those types of things).

George RR Martin has created a fully realized, complex, and deceitful world. He also has no qualms about killing off his characters. The bodycount simply grows as the series progresses, and new characters are introduced all the time. For now though, Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, and Arya Stark are holding on. They’re my favotrites. Course, now that I’ve put that out there, I have probably sealed their fates. Sigh.

I’m looking forward to the series return on HBO in April, but I also know that the season will fly by, and I’ll be left wanting more…

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