So I’m catching up… again. I tend to focus on one show at a time though, so I’m not really apologizing, It also means I get a whole bunch of episodes to watch at once as I catch up.

Apparently I have waited long enough for Alcatraz.

I settled in, and flew through the first 3 episodes as quickly as I could load them up, and while I am not necessarily hooked yet, I’m definitely very intrigued…

Course barring Felicity, and Alias (though I did watch all of it), I tend to be a huge J.J. Abrams fan. Now yes, he only serves as an executive producer on the series, but for the most part he and I seem to like the same things…

The premise is this, it’s commonly believed that Alcatraz closed, and shipped all of the inmates off the island. Well in this series, that didn’t happen, in fact, 260 inmates vanished, along with 43 prison employees.

Flash forward to the present. Somehow, some of these people have slowly started to reappear, not aged a day since their disappearance, and all of them more than eager to resume their criminal activities.

As of yet, we don’t know who caused this incident, how they brought them forward through time, or for what purpose…

But a small team, established in a sub-sub-basement of Alcatraz, are looking to recapture them, while trying to figure out these bigger mysteries.

So it’s a police procedural with a healthy dose of ‘huh’ added to it with the over arcing mystery of what happened on Alcatraz March 21, 1963.

Leading this team, is the always awesome, Sam Neill as former Alcatraz employee Emerson Hauser.

I’ve honestly been a fan of his since he first menaced the Nazarene in The Omen III when he played the full-grown son of Satan, Damien.

My favorite performances of his would still be in Dead Calm, opposite Nicole Kidman, and of course as Dr. Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park films.

To me, Sam is just cool, and watching how his story interweaves with the disappearance of the people from Alcatraz is intriguing, as we learn that he was on the island, but must have left before the incident, because his character has aged. But we also know he’s been on the island waiting for their return for a long time.

He recruits a local homicide cop, Rebecca Madsen, who may be more involved with the prison’s history than she knew.

First off, where has Sarah Jones been hiding, cause what a cutie! Sue and I have talked about her, and she seems like a cross between Haven’s Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and with her short hair and occasional attitude, Galactica’s Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff).

Against Emerson’s orders she begins tracking down one of the first of the 63s. This of course shows him that he can use her on his own team, and co-opts her into his program.

Rebecca begins to learn more about the 63s, and her own family history when it comes to Alcatraz. But first and foremost she’s a cop, and her job is to track down these criminals. The first 3 were pretty vicious, a murderer, a sniper, and a child-killer. I’ll be interested to see just how dark the series wants to go, because the child-killer one went pretty dark.

Rebecca brings with her an odd partner, one she co-opted from, of all places, a comic book store.

Dr. Diego Soto, played by Lost alumnus Jorge Garcia has done his research on Alcatraz, he’s written books on the subject, there is nothing he doesn’t know about it. Except for the fact that 260 inmates disappeared.

But he knows there names, their crimes, and their motivations.

Now, we’re only a short way into the first season, so the series is still trying to find it’s feet, and define itself, so I’m not going to make any harsh judgments yet.

I like the fact that they aren’t giving us everything at once, we know that there are more characters out there who may know more than us, or maybe they don’t. We know that there is something truly odd going on here, but I don’t want it revealed anytime soon. I like the mythology they are building up around the show, and as long as they have a destination in mind, and aren’t making it up as they go along, then for now… I am quite willing to join their investigations.


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