Where Have All The Podcasts Gone?

Our site has seen lots of traffic over the past month, for which Sue and I are very thankful. We’ve also had unimagined success with our podcast interviews.

With the series of Bomb Girls airing on Global, we’ve been very fortunate to speak to some of the stellar cast, which has had us putting up two podcasts a week!

That’s awesome! It also means that the online server we are using online is filling up pretty quick. That has necessitated us having to take down some of the podcasts that have aired.

I started by taking down the ones featuring just Sue and I, and as needed removed the next ones chronologically.

These podcasts are not gone forever, so not to worry.

We simply ran out of space on our server. We’re looking to expand our service with out current carrier, and will also re-release the podcasts that have been taken down. I know some people who have just discovered the awesome-ness that is Jeremy LaLonde are wondering where his podcast went, it will return!

If you haven’t subscribed to us on iTunes yet, you should probably do so now, and get caught up, as there will be a couple more podcasts going up that we’ll have to make room.

Hope your Tuesday goes well!

One Comment Add yours

  1. I am Jeremy LaLonde and I endorse this need for a larger server for your awesome podcasts 🙂

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