The Expendables 2

I’ll admit to having a week spot for big, loud action movies, but they can’t be completely plotless, or moronic, of which there is more than a fair share.

Not to mention the big blockbuster rehashes that seem to be standard fare now. Sigh.

But every now and then a mindless action movie comes along that is just sheer enjoyment, the original The Expendables was one of those movies. It was loud, pointless, and just awesome putting together some of the biggest names in action movies ever doing what they do best, kicking ass and blowing crap up! And it was so much fun! It was one of the first movies in a long time that had me cheering at the screen for it’s sheer audacity, violence, and explosions.

This was one of the kind of movies you used to dream about as a kid… one of those what would happen if Rambo met…? Or who would win a fight between…? That was what we wanted to see, and that is what Stallone gave us in the first one.

Next summer, they are back, and the cast is being expanded to include even more action stars! Returning stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture are joined by Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (returning in expanded roles from the first film) as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris(!). There are also rumors that ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin may be returning as well.

That is one adrenaline filled cast!

This time Simon West takes over the directing reins, which makes me a little nervous, I’m not a huge fan of any of his directorial efforts. Still, Stallone directed the first, he wrote the script for this one, and he’ll be on the set all the time, so here’s hoping it has the same large caliber of enjoyment that the first one did.

So I should be clear, this movie isn’t winning any awards, it’s just gonna be a fun, loud trip to the movies!

But now that they’ve rounded out the cast with even more action stars… who’s left? Segal? But who else…?

Ahhh…. who cares! Bring on the explosions and the ass-kicking!

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