A Haven Christmas

“You think it’s Christmas too? It’s July.”


Haven is my kind of Christmas episode. Anyone who knows me, or listened to our short podcast the other week, knows I’m not a huge fan of Christmas movies or shows in general, though Doctor Who, Charlie Brown, and the Muppets all tend to get passes, and have never let me down at Christmas.

This week my friend Ryan over at The Matinee seemed to take it as a personal affront that I didn’t like the movie Elf. Sorry folks.

However, a quick jaunt to Haven, Maine definitely hit the right spot for holiday cheer for me.

Without giving away the plot too much for those haven’t seen it yet, I’ll just say it focuses on a troubled person who is making things vanish, and nobody remembers them! – I know that kinda thing has been done before on a number of series, the one the pops right to mind is the one from Next Generation with Doctor Crusher trapped in an ever-collapsing spatial/temporal bubble that is removing people from her universe as if they never existed but it is a spooky idea.

And Haven does it well.

The episode also makes use of the song Silent Night anytime something associated with the “trouble” is about to happen, that’s cool… cause I never trusted that song.

As always there are tons of moments that are just sheer enjoyment for people who watch and love the series.

The moment with some mistletoe at the ep’s end made me laugh out loud.

There’s the oh-so-important refs to Stephen King and this time there’s a few, Derry gets mentioned again, there’s a very obvious Under The Dome ref, and I loved the name of the movie showing at the Haven cinema… The Bark Tower: A Dog’s Lighthouse.

This is what a Christmas ep should be about, not commercialism, and sorry, but not religion (that’s a whole kettle of fish to avoid), but the one thing we tend to take for granted and never tell them how important they really are, or that they are loved – friends and family.

If we all did that a little more often, that might be a real Christmas miracle.

So go visit Haven one last time before the long wait for Season 3, and I hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday!


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