Lost Girl – Thoughts and Questions…

A word of caution… for all those fans who aren’t in Canada, and are watching the show as it airs, there’s lots of season 2 info below which could be considered SPOILERS so be wary…
So here we are at pretty much the halfway mark of the second season, which is a joyous thought in itself, cause this time last season the series was finishing up, being a truncated season. This year we get the full 20 (or 22) eps!
And this means the show runners can take their time easing us to the the big season finale, though they’re continuing to wet our appetites with the bits and pieces they are giving us.
We know something big and bad is coming, as that creepy little girl (“damned effective birth control”) who always shows up for badness has been lurking around, and who also gave Bo that very troubling vision of her standing over a dying Trick while she was in limbo after having her soul ousted from her body (what a fantastic ep that was!).
We know that something is killing the smaller Fae, which our fave lady doc Lauren discovered after conducting a number of autopsies.
We know the new Ash, Loughlin, is keeping secrets, including another head!! (Maybe he just swaps them out!)
And of course, Lauren is now one of the secrets The Ash is keeping!!
Bo is gonna be pissed on that count!
And speaking of Lauren, what about Nadia? Where is this cursed nail, and the wood it’s been hammered into? With the previous Ash’s journal hold a clue or even the key to that?
Something tells me that there was more going on with that outbreak in Africa that was killing Fae than we’ve learned so far.
And here’s a thought, whoever put Nadia under the curse did it for a reason… could that reason be to control Lauren? And who’s controlling Lauren right now? The Ash.
Well, it would’ve been the previous Ash, so what did he want her for?
And now with Loughlin looking into the previous Ash’s journals to investigate is he doing it for himself, or for Lauren?
We already know that he’s done some questionable things, and has a mouth full of very sharp teeth!!
And who keeps a head locked in a case, honestly?
There’s definitely more going on with him than we’ve learned, and he’s quickly becoming one of the characters that I love to hate.
Then of course there will be trouble coming for Dyson and Ciara. She asked if he could love her, and though he said some very nice things, he didn`t say yes. Kenzi, during the episode Original Skin (“I’ll get the name tags”) noted that Dyson feels like there’s something missing inside… maybe he can’t love anyone anymore after the sacrifice he made at the end of Season 1.
Honestly, I`m ok with Bo not being with Dyson, she`s awesome hanging with her bestie and kicking butt! Yes, she deserves to be happy, and she’ll definitely need the distraction should Nadia and Lauren resume their romance, assuming they can wake her, (which leads to a thought – who’s gonna play Nadia, cause she must be something!) but I also don’t think it needs to be Dyson.

I also have really enjoyed Hale and Kenzi having more time together this season, the two of them, much like Kenzi and Trick, really pop together, and their scenes are always enjoyable. We still need to learn more about Hale, he may or may not be royalty, and what would it be like if he became the new Ash.

Kenzi. Oh Kenzi, you have the best lines, and probably a drinking problem, but you would be so awesome to hang with.
And Trick.
How I love this character. He’s hinted at some more of his past this year, and all its done is made me want to know more. Rick Howland suggested that Trick’s story would be awesome feature material, though, he admitted even he doesn’t know lots of it.
I would love to see a giant tie-in novel about Trick… Hmm, I wonder if I know a couple of authors who would jump at the chance to do that??? PICK ME AND SUE! PICK ME AND SUE!!

From a viewer`s point of view, when Season 3 rolls around, I would love to see both Rick, and KC in the opening credits. They are as much members of Team Bo as anyone else. I would also like to see more expansive end credits, cause there are some fantastic people who work on this show week in and week out, and don’t even get an onscreen credit!
I like very much what the writers are doing with their story and character development, and hope we get even more of that in Season 3!
And just from a geek’s point of view, I love wandering around my city, and seeing locations that have shown up on Lost Girl. It makes me happy, like I could turn a corner and bump into Bo and Kenzi or Anna and Ksenia… either way… Awesome!!



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