What Did I Watch This Week? Vol. 4

Hey there again everyone!

So another week has gone by, and I had time to watch a few things this time.

Sue and I went to see Hugo this afternoon and chatted briefly about it in our podcast today, so I won’t rehash it here. Suffice to say though that I really enjoyed it.

I found time to watch the week’s ep of Lost Girl Monday, it was good as always, but following up the Original Skin episode would’ve been tough for any series! But, as you all know, we have a lot of love for that series here, and hmmm… what’s going on with The Ash?

I am getting excited though, not for Christmas so much as what Christmas will bring… New Doctor Who!! WOO HOO! And while I didn’t care for all of the second half of the last series, I still liked it for the fact that it was The Doctor!

Hey, every single one of them has their good and bad stories, you simply take it in stride and enjoy the moments.

The Christmas episodes are always light and fun though and the Doctor does tend to shine in those moments.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing what the TARDIS has in store for us next year!

I did waste a bit of time this week revisiting an 80s ‘horror’ film, which was probably better left alone…


Featuring Willilam Katt and George Wendt, I remembered enjoying this more when I was younger… but this is just an oddball film. It follows a horror writer (Katt) as he moves into the house of his recently deceased aunt to work on a memoir of his tour of duty in Vietnam.

As luck would have it, this was also the house he grew up in, and where his marriage fell apart thanks to the abduction of his child.

Obviously a place you’d want to revisit and hang around in.

But that’s what he does and meets up with his neighbor NORM!! I mean George Wendt, who sounds like he just needs a friend.

The house is apparently haunted or infested with cross-dimensional beings, and though they’re called ghosts they certainly don’t look it – must be the rubber suit aspect.

The film ends up being goofy fun, but has no real substance, and probably would’ve been one of those forgotten movies of the 80s if I didn’t remember the decade so fondly.

Then, I threw on a blu-ray of one of the films that is probably in my top 25 comedies of all time, and I’m really not a spoof fan, but this one just works for me… It’s a send of the 70s blaxploitation movies, and it’s called…

Black Dynamite.

And every time I see this movie I catch something that I missed before.

Booms dipping into frame and hitting Afros. A kung fu coach dressed as Mickey from Rocky. Actors obviously reading cue cards, including their stage directions aloud. A nun-chuck weilding President. A change in actors halfway through a fight scene. Some bang-on dialogue. Unlit cigarettes being smoked. A musical sting every time Black Dynamite does something cool. An orphanage filled with little kids waiting for their next hit of The Drugs. All of it intentional, and all of it is played straight, which is what makes the film so damned funny.

It has everything you’d expect from the genre, big hair, 70s collars, soul music, sexy ladies, pimps, hos, drug dealers and kung fu.

It’s a riot.

BD is an ex-CIA operative who gets pulled back in to find the man who murdered his brother, and gets mired in a conspiracy involving drugs, malt liquor, and a dastardly plan from The Man.

There are tons of laughs in this film, and if you know the genre you’ll get a lot out of it. Even if you don’t if you can get into the first couple minutes of the film, it’s worth your time.

So that’s what I watched…

What did you watch?


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