The Hunger Games Trailer

Is it March yet?

In the words of Sue Maynard, the site’s co-creator and fellow writer, “I haven’t been this excited about a movie, or book series in a very long time.”

And you know what? I agree with her.

Yes, there are films I’m looking forward to, The Muppets on the 23rd, Brad Bird’s live action debut with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and while not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, I do like the series, and it has Simon Pegg, plus. I’m also looking forward to Tintin (Spielberg, Jackson, Pegg and Frost – OK!), The War Horse and Canada’s Wango Films latest effort… Dead Before Dawn (in which Sue and I had a chance to be extras!).

But nothing right now, is ramping up my levels of excitment like The Hunger Games, which was almost brought to a head yesterday with the release of the first full-length trailer.

And I have to tell you, it hits all the notes I want it to hit. I think this could be a fantastic adaptation of this trio of novels, which taking a page from modern film making is gonna be four films.

For those who haven’t read the books, I’m sure it looks like a fairly decent trailer for what one will hope is a fairly decent movie, but if you’ve read the book, then I’m sure there are moments in it that affected you much as they did me.

The moment when Prim is chosen, and Katniss’ voice, the raw emotion and the way it almost breaks with her first declaration (there’s a reason Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar), causes my throat to tighten, and then when she gives the salute to thank Rue’s District, there were tears in my eyes. This, if done right, will be fantastic!

The last time a moment did that to me was in the first Lord of the Rings, with the reveal of Hobbiton, I was stunned that it was exactly the way I saw it in my mind’s eye, it was a dream realized. And I think this film has the potential to do the same. If it’s faithful to the source material and doesn’t veer from it, and doesn’t shun the subject matter, this could be an event.

Another thing that blew me away is Elizabeth Banks as Effie, you can’t even tell it’s her in the shots we’ve seen in the trailer.

I have high hopes for this film.

Please don’t let me down…


May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor….


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