What Did I Watch This Week? Vol.2

So that’s another week down, and boy does one’s week fill up fast. Last week, I had time for all kinds of things to watch, not so much this time around. I guess that’s what happens when life happens.

Still I did make time to watch a few films, and a little bit more telly as well.

I’m almost done with Family Ties season 1, and the thing that struck me again, as I watched was that so much of this still holds up. It’s still warm, funny, and yes it has it’s messages, but it is still so entertaining. Michael J. YOU ROCK! And there’s a two parter with a guest appearance by Tom Hanks! How awesome is that!? (Very!)

I’m also indulging my paranormal side by working my way through season 2 of Ancient Aliens. Now say what you want about some of the subject matter, and the whole fact that Von Daniken is involved, they do, sometimes, bring up some really good points – the whole idea of a forgotten part of history, and the possibility that modern homo sapiens have existed longer than was originally thought. I like to let my mind play with ideas like that.

As we know I saw The Immortals this week, I’ve already talked about it, and won’t rehash it here.

I did have time for two smaller films…

The first was The Shrine, which I found to be surprisingly good. I say surprised because I wasn’t a big fan of Jon Knautz previous feature Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. I know some people have a lot of love for it, I don’t even have a like for it. Sorry.

The film features Aaron Ashmore, Cindy Sampson, and Meghan Heffren. Sampson plays a reporter who’s trying to find out what happened to some missing people after arriving at a small remote village in Poland, Ashmore is her boyfriend, and Heffren is her p.a.. I don’t want to give away much, but suffice to say I did enjoy it, it had a couple of genuinely creepy moments, one featuring a statue in the fog that I really liked.

I have to applaud Knautz’s choice of not supplying subtitles for the Polish dialect, this leaves you the viewer, in exactly the same place as the trio of would-be investigators… lost and confused.  So you have to learn what’s going on by piecing it together just like the leads.

If you have time have a look. It’s not all bad.

The other film I had time for was The Objective, and though I liked the idea of the film… a special ops team gets sent to track down something, which just happens to be inside a “Bermuda Triangle” in Afghanistan, the real reason I wanted to watch it was because of Jon Huertas who plays Esposito  on the always enjoyable Castle.

As the team gets deeper into this ‘triangle’ things go sideways, they’ve lost their way, orbs of light are seen, ghostly attackers, and inevitably, death.

While not the best film, sorry Jon, it did have a couple of moments I really enjoy – a sequence when they think a car is coming for them, the sound of a rescue chopper, and when the CIA leader swings around his infrared camera, and you see these massive objects just hanging in the sky in front of them – that was pretty cool.

The ending could be deemed a little confusing, and no definite answers about what happened are given, but it was an enjoyable escape.

And I can’t help it if I love the subject matter.

So that’s all I had time for this week.


What did you watch?

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