Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Doug Liman

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton star in this fun sci-fi action film that plays like an alien war version of Groundhog Day. Cruise stars as Cage, a major in the American army, working as a media adviser, following the beginnings of an alien attack that has taken over most of Europe….

Miami Vice (1984) – One Eyed Jack, and No Exit

Edward James Olmos joins the main cast this week as the division’s new lieutenant, Martin Castillo, and with his steely eyed glare on Crockett (Don Johnson) the story swings into high gear. One Eyed Jack was written by Alfonse Ruggerio Jr., and first aired on 2 November, 1984. An old flame of Crockett’s Barbara Carrow…