Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) – To the Death, and The Quickening

Station log: stardate 49904.2 LeVar Burton directs this episode with a script by Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe. It first debuted on 13 May, 1996. A devastating attack by Jem’Hadar renegades destroys one of the station’s docking pylons in a raid, and Sisko (Avery Brooks) leads his crew aboard the Defiant in pursuit….

V – The Final Battle (1984) – Part One

We had to wait a year to see what would happen next in Kenneth Johnson’s V story, but he left the follow-up miniseries due to creative differences. He saw more of a Holocaust-Resistance story and the studio wanted something more gangbusters action adventure in the vein of Star Wars if they could get it. The…

The Breadwinner (2000) – Deborah Ellis

House of Anansi press has released an updated version of Deborah Ellis’ poignant and beautifully written tale, The Breadwinner.¬†Aimed at younger readers, the book puts a face to stories that help the reader empathise and understand some of the issues that are taking place in Afghanistan. Canadian born Ellis has crafted a whole series, with…

Allegiance: A Cineplex Event

George Takei’s passion project, and historically important musical, Allegiance is getting a one night Cineplex Event. Inspired by Takei’s own experiences during World War II, the story, featuring music and lyrics by Jay Kuo and book by Kou, Mark Acito and Lorenzo Thione, follows the Kimura family in America after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor….