Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Doug Liman

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Brendan Gleeson and Bill Paxton star in this fun sci-fi action film that plays like an alien war version of Groundhog Day. Cruise stars as Cage, a major in the American army, working as a media adviser, following the beginnings of an alien attack that has taken over most of Europe….

Doctor Who (Peter Davison) – Arc of Infinity

  Season 20 (!) gets underway for the Doctor (Davison) this week, and each story this season has a nod back to the stories before it, as they celebrate the show’s anniversary. This four episode story ran from 3 to 12 January, 1983, and was written by Johnny Byrne, who brought back the ancient, villainous…

Doctor Who (Jon Pertwee) – The Three Doctors

  Season 10 of Doctor Who starts off with a bang in this highly enjoyable four-part story written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin that ran from 30 December, 1972 to 20 January, 1973. What better way to celebrate the tenth season of the series than with a commemorative story that would feature all three incarnations of the…

Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) – The Evil of the Daleks

  The Daleks return in this epic 7 part story that closes out the fourth season of Doctor Who. The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and Jamie (Frazer Hines) pick up right where the last story ended off, but it seems someone has knicked the TARDIS. Someone, or something with a sinister plan. This one was written…

The Mind Reels Chats with OMEGA!

  Sue and I took on a huge interview, breaking up the cast and creative team behind the web-series Omega into 3 fun, laugh-filled interviews. If you’ve seen the series, join us for an inside look, if you still haven’t this interview may just encourage you to take a look!