Star Trek: Voyager (2001) – Q2, and Author, Author

Captain’s log: stardate 54704.5 LeVar Burton directs this episode that sees the return of Q (John de Lancie). Written by Robert Doherty from a story by Kenneth Biller, it first debuted on 11 April, 2001. Q shows up on the Voyager, much to Janeway’s (Kate Mulgrew) chagrin with his son (Keegan de Lancie) in tow….

Star Trek: Voyager (2000) – Body and Soul, and Nightingale

Captain’s log: stardate 54283.3 Robert Duncan McNeill (Paris) directs this episode that was written by Eric Morris, Phyllis Strong and Mike Sussman from a story by Micheal Taylor, it debuted on 15 November, 2000. Harry (Garrett Wang), Seven (Jeri Ryan) and the Doctor (Robert Picardo) are on a mission aboard the Delta Flyer II, when…