Hill Street Blues (1984) – Fowl Play, and Bangladesh Slowly

Fowl Play opens with the reveal that Swan (Tim Robbins) took his own life after what happened at the rookie party in the previous episode, and all eyes are on Buttman (Micheal Biehn). Lucy (Betty Thomas) is determined to bust him, and Washington (Taurean Blacque) and Coffey (Ed Marinaro) are right there with him.

The episode was written by Mark Frost from a story by Steven Bochco, Jeffrey Lewis and David Milch. It first debuted on 25 October, 1984.

As the investigation into Buttman continues, Washington thinks he has someone who can testify against him in the form of fellow rookie, Officer Garfield (Mykelti Williamson), but is ready to face Buttman?

J.D. (Kiel Martin) continues his romance with a newly widowed wife, Caroline (Kristen Meadows), her husband was murdered while he was with her, connected? Not sure, but that night J.D. is involved in a shooting.

Belker (Bruce Weitz) continues his undercover investigation as a fast food mascot and has a number of run-ins and one that reveals the business may be a front for a drug dealer. And a reporter, Lynn Williams (Anne-Marie Johnson) is following Renko (Charles Haid) and Hill (Michael Warren) calling them on Renko’s frequent food stops.

There are rumours of a hooker killer prowling the streets. It’s been mentioned a couple of times, so this is going to be a continuing thread.

And Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) has a grant to share with the department, but when his choices for someone to oversee it go sideways, he decides to return it.

Bangladesh Slowly was written by Bochco, Lewis, Milch, and Roger Director from a story by Bochco, Lewis and Milch. It first aired on 1 November, 1984.

J.D. finds himself under suspicion after the murder of his lover’s husband, and an apartment break-in, and he works to get out from under it and clear his name. Washington is ready to chuck in his shield and gun after all the rookies at the party that led to Swan’s death are slated to be fired by the board, even Garfield who came forward to testify.

Will Furillo be able to find a way to keep Washington on the force, and deliver some form of justice?

Renko is made a fool of in the morning news, frightened by an arrest involvinbg an overweight man, and then ends up on the news again before day’s end when he bravely leads the charge in a shootout that ends up in a high-profile arrest.

The hooker slasher is captured and revealed to be one Phil Platt (Arliss Howard) who has no regrets for his actions, and Joyce is the one handling his case.

Buttman seems to be on his way out, Jablonski (Robert Prosky) has a moment where he seems actually likeable, and Leo (Robert Hirschfield) discovers he’s not really ready to date yet.

Some solid fun to be had this episode, including an interesting lunch scene with Belker and Hunter (James Sikking). We’ll see what happens next time. Until then, let’s be careful out there.


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