Hill Street Blues (1984) Eva’s Brawn, and Mayo, Hold the Pickle

Renko’s (Charles Haid) is coming up, or is it? He seems to be having second thoughts as we dive into the final episode of Hill Street Blue’s fourth season. Written by Jeffrey Lewis, David Milch, Mark Frost, and Roger Director. It came from a story by Steven Bochco, Lewis and Milch and closed out the season on 17 May, 1984.

While the precinct attempts to gather up some extra cash to pay for Renko’s wedding gift, overseen by Bobby (Michael Warren), Coffey (Ed Marinaro) places a bet on a horse race to help make some of the extra money. In fact, that is a lot of melodrama going on in this episode…

Goldblume (Joe Spano) is being pestered by Garibaldi (Ken Olin) to join a dating service. Joyce (Veronica Hamel) and Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) are attempting to repair their relationship, they are determined to save their marriage. Furillo also has to deal with trying to broker a peace treaty between the gangs in the area, but it may take a tragic twist before the end of the tale.

Around the precinct, there’s a new police unit, outfitted with a computer, the first in what is coming, Lucy (Betty Thomas) has promised that everyone will get a chance at it, but what happens when he and Bobby lose the car?

But the real drama comes from the storyline that sees the bookies that Belker (Bruce Weitz) busted last week, take control of the prison bus they are on, and will only release their hostages in exchange for Belker.

Season Five began on 27 September, 1984 with Mayo, Hold the Pickle. It was written by Lewis and Frost from a story by Bochco, Lewis and Milch.

We’re introduced to a new roll call sergeant, Jablonski (Robert Prosky), who may have taken the role to get away from other problems. This allows Lucy, still as sergeant, to get back out on the street with Coffey.

Fay (Barbara Bosson) gets a permanent position in the precinct running the Victim’s Aid program, I’m sure that will make things comfortable with Furillo who is still working on his relationship with Joyce, which gets a mention in the local paper.

J.D. (Kiel Martin) who returned at the end of the last episode is back on patrol with Washington (Taurean Blacque). Renko apparently is waiting on news of his first child being born, and we get a new detective added to the bullpen, Patsy Mayo (Mimi Kuzyk), who is paired up with Garibaldi, and she makes a pass at Furillo, and he seems to be okay with it, but knows where to draw the line.

The episode also features Tim Thomerson as a guest star, he plays a rather shady hotel owner where Belker, J.D., and Washington are working undercover.

It’s a pretty good season opener, it doesn’t feel quite as melodramatic as it has been even though all the characters get their beats and their moments as we check in on stroylines.

Let’s see where it goes, and hey, let’s be careful out there!


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