Star Trek: The Next Generation 4K Movie Collection

Space, the final frontier…

I can remember each and every time I saw a Star Trek movie in the theatre, and much like the 4K release of the Trek films featuring the cast of The Original Series, Paramount Picture’s release of the four films featuring The Next Generation cast in 4K has let me see these films look better than ever before.

Available separately or as part of a collection, Star Trek: Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis launch Picard (Patrick Stewart), Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Data (Brent Spiner) and the rest of the Next Gen crew into theatrical sized adventures.

Each film has been given a gorgeous 4K upgrade giving the images a wonderful vibrancy, and a level of detail to the image that wasn’t even noticeable on the screen. The downside to these beautifully upgraded films is that there are no new extras created for them, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come back with bonus features.

All the original extras and special features from the original DVD and Blu-ray releases are all here, from the commentaries (including the informative and beloved text commentaries from the Okudas) to the mass of featurettes and trailers.

Each film comes with a corresponding blu-ray which contains all the special features, leaving the 4K to carry the commentaries and the fantastic image and sound of the film.

Generations was released in 1994, shortly after The Next Generation came to the end of its television run, and allowed for a symbolic passing of the torch as Captain Kirk (William Shatner) shows up to help Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D save the galaxy from Soran (Malcolm McDowell).

First Contact, which saw Frakes settle into the director’s chair, is arguably the best of the bunch, and the most accessible to mainstream audiences. There’s a bit of time travel as Picard aboard the new Enterprise-E pursues the series main villain, the Borg, as they travel to Earth of the past to stop humanity from making first contact with Vulcans and allowing them to take over the planet, altering the timeline. With lots of action, a little horror, and a lot of spirit, this one wowed audiences and remains a fan favourite.

Insurrection is a bit of a lighter story and is possibly the closest in spirit to the television series. The crew of the Enterprise arrive on a planet that seems to promise eternal youth, but powers within the Federation are planning on stealing the planet out from under its population and use it for their own purposes. There are a lot of familiar themes at work in this film, and it feels a little underrated when it’s shelved next to First Contact.

The final film featuring the cast of The Next Generation is Nemesis. It’s a bit of a mess, despite a fantastic turn by Tom Hardy as Shinzon. The Enterprise is sent to Romulus to oversee a potential peace treaty between the Romulans and the Federation, but it’s just the opening gambit in a much more dangerous and personal game. It’s flawed and the director Stuart Baird openly admitted he wasn’t a Trek fan, something that worked for Nicholas Meyer but does not serve Baird, who is a brilliant editor, very well. Some great moments are overshadowed by some clunky storytelling.

But it’s still Trek, and I love it all. Having it on hand, to watch in 4K, to explore and wonder at the production design, the costumes, the starships… I love seeing all these details and enjoying Star Trek the way it was meant to be watched – in beautiful high definition.

Star Trek: The Next Generation 4K Movie Collection is available today from Paramount Canada! Boldly go as the human adventure is just beginning!



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