Batman: Gotham Knight (2008) – Yasuhiro Aoki, Futoshi Higashide, Toshiyuki Kubooka, Hiroshi Morioka, Jong-Sik Nam, Shojiro Nishimi, and Yuichiro Hayashi

Kevin Conroy voices Batman (yay!) in this collection of interconnected animated tales set in the Nolan-verse of Batman. Featuring a variety of animation styles the feature explores more of Batman’s story in Gotham following the events of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Have I Got a Story For You features four skateboarding kids getting together to talk about their encounters with the strange, violent possible creature that stalks the criminals of Gotham, the Batman. While I’m not a fan of the animation style of this installment I like the story and the way each kid interprets their experiences, and how they see the Dark Knight.

Crossfire sees a pair of Gordon’s (Jim Meskimen) dropping off the crook Batman caught in the first story in the Narrows, which is now one big asylum thanks to the events of Batman Begins. On their way back, as they argue over whether Batman is a crimefighter or a vigilante they find themselves stuck between two rival gangs, and when gunfire erupts, both parties will be thankful that the Batman is there to save them.

Field Test sees Bruce turning to Lucius Fox (Kevin Michael Richardson) for help as he continues refining his craft. Fox has developed a sonic-triggered electro-magnetic field, which could be strong enough to deflect a bullet. Bruce takes it to test it out, and when he slams into a clash between the Russian and Italian gangs from the previous story, it’s the perfect place to try it. Until one of the gangsters takes a bullet that was deflected by the field. Bruce reevaluated the use of the tech, reminding himself that he’s willing to lay his life on the line, but shouldn’t force that choice on anyone else. Though you could argue that the gangster made that choice as soon as he picked up a weapon. But Batman is better than me in that regard.

In Darkness Dwells sees Batman going under the city to track one of the Scarecrow’s (Corey Burton) victims, someone who has been perverted into violence, has a skin condition and has sharpened his teeth to points, and is known now as Killer Croc. Bats will have to deal with Croc and Scarecrow as he seeks to rescue a kidnapped Cardinal.

Working Through Pain sees Bats stumbling through the underground alleyways and passages following the previous encounter, suffering a number of wounds and bleeding out. This allows him to have flashbacks to how he has been taught to deal with the physical pain of the injuries. We see his training with Cassandra (Parminder Nagra), and his inability to let things go completely, which will be something that haunts him even as Alfred (David McCallum)attempts to effect a rescue.

Deadshot (also voiced by Meskimen) sees the villain of the same name coming to Gotham to flush out Batman and take him out once and for all. The crackshot baddie draws Batman out and the two square off against one another, but who will come out on top?

It’s a solid collection of shorts all melding together to give us a look at Batman learning, fighting criminals and working to find his place as the city’s protector, giving us a solid look at the iconic character. Some of the animation appeals to me more than others, but I will always love Kevin Conroy’s voice as Bruce Wayne and Batman. I quite liked this entry.

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