The Equalizer (1988) – Something Green, and The Mystery of Manon: Part 1

A very young Macaulay Culkin guest stars in Something Green. Written by Kevin Droney the episode debuted on 10 February, 1988.

When Mrs. Gephart’s (Lisa Eichorn) son, Paul (Cuklin) is kidnapped from her house in broad daylight, she suspects her ex-husband, Raymond (Jon DeVries), a Swiss diplomat. She turns to Robert McCall (Edward Woodward) for help.

McCall with Harley (Richard Jordan) and Mickey (Keith Szarabajka) – yay Mickey! – at his side, they discover that the abduction is just the tip of the iceberg. It seems that Raymond has been working for criminals, getting their money out of the country into safe Swiss accounts. But he was skimming some off the top, and now they want their money back.

To pull that off? They grabbed Paul and put the squeeze on him.

So now the mission has expanded. Not only recover Paul, safe and sound but get Raymond clear of the criminals. I don’t think McCall would usually help with this aspect of the case, he’s made it clear that if you choose to pursue crime and then want him to help you get out of it he won’t help, but with the life of a young boy on the line McCall and his partners go all in.

But will Raymond betray McCall and steal his son back for himself?

It’s great to see Mickey with a little bit more to do this time around. He’s a fun character and needs to be used more, and Culkin was a cute charming kid from the get-go.

A fun episode that still lets Harley and in this case Mickey do more of the heavy lifting than McCall, but it all works for the story.

The Mystery of Manon: Part 1 brings back some characters from last season and advances some nice continuity for the series. Written by Coleman Luck, the first episode of this two-parter aired on 17 February, 1988.

Canadian Agent Phillipe Marcel (Anthony Zerbe) finds himself mired in memory and blackmail as it’s revealed that his wife, Manon (Anne Heywood) who he believed was dead may be alive. Alive, but with no memory of who she was because of medical experiments conducted on her.

Marcel is blackmailed, if he wants to see her again he must kill the two men that the unseen blackmailers say put her in the labour camp where she was experimented on, Control (Robert Lansing) and McCall.

McCall also had a relationship with Manon, in fact, she had their daughter, Yvette (Melissa Anderson). Yvette was raised as Phillipe’s daughter, a secret McCall promised to keep, though he breaks it to reveal the truth to Scott (William Zabka) who shows up at McCall’s looking for help.

It seems Scott has found a woman, with no memory, who is looking for help. Is it possible she’s Manon? Before McCall can even look into that side of the case she vanishes, perhaps wandering the streets of New York? Which suggests the blackmailers don’t even have her.

But Phillipe doesn’t know that and he confronts McCall and Control, leading to a violent conclusion, and a To Be Continued!

I guess we’ll have to see how things play out next week on The Equalizer!

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