The Expanse (2018) – It Reaches Out, and Intransigence

The mystery of the protomolecule and the Ring is augmented with the introduction of the Investigator (Thomas Jane) who only Holden (Steven Strait) can see, and who is trying to impart important information to him in the only way he knows how, but will Holden realize what he’s being told before things escalate to greater danger in It Reaches Out?

Written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, it first aired on 30 May, 2018.

While the doc crew continues their work on the Roci, filming Amos (Wes Chatham), Alex (Cas Anvar) and an increasingly troubled Holden, we discover that one of them isn’t all they seem and that no matter what Holden believes he’s seeing, it’s not captured on any of the camera feeds in use.

While the approaching fleets discuss what happened to the slingshot racer in the previous episode, someone with a plan is working to disrupt the fragile peace as humanity approaches this strange creation.

When a broadcast comes from the Roci that appears to be Holden claiming the Ring belongs to the Belt, and a UNN ship is blown up to prove the point, Holden orders an improbable course – through the Ring, with a hard decel burn before they cross the threshold. But will an OPA missile launched by Drummer (Cara Gee) to prove that they don’t support the claims made in the broadcast take them about before they get there?

What happens next, no one is ready for.

The show continues to ramp up its tension, character-building, and storytelling. It just gets better and better.

Intransigence was written by Hallie Lambert and first debuted on 6 June, 2018.

When the doc crew proves unhelpful in restoring the Rocinante’s operating systems, Amos sends them out through the airlock, towards some of the other ships that have followed their lead and passed through the gate into the slow zone.

Among the ships is a UNN ship carrying not only Volovodov (Elizabeth Mitchell), but Melba (Nadine Nicole) who seems to be orchestrarting some of the horrible things that are happening across the fleet, and may have a connection to the faked Holden broadcast. We also learn she has a surprising family connection to the events that are taking place as well.

Naomi (Dominique Tipper) moves to leave the Behemoth, realizing she belongs with the Roci crew, who are responding to her transmissions because of the havoc that has been wreaked on their system.

The episode closes with Holden outside the ship, eying the strange structure that seems to be at the center of the bubble the gate leads into, and pushes off the Roci in his spacesuit, aiming right towards it.

I remember so much of these things from the books, and I love seeing them brought to life, including some of the minor changes that have been necessary for the series. Damn this show is so good!


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