Troll (2022) – Roar Uthaug

Troll is a fun Norwegian monster movie that ticks off a number of boxes for a kaiju movie. While it doesn’t do anything in terms of stretching character development or plot twists (the big one is seen in the trailer, so that doesn’t do the film any good) it does prove to be a bit of a romp.

The story’s heart centers around paleontologist Nora (Ine Marie Wilmann) and her estranged father, Tobias (Gard B. Eidsvold). They’ve fallen out over the years because Tobias has seemingly gone down the rabbit hole of troll mythology, believing they were a race of beings that had existed.

Guess what? He was right.

When a construction company is blasting through a mountain to create a highway tunnel, they awaken something deep within it, and panic ensues as a giant being of rock and earth climbs out and wreaks destruction.

The government calls in the best possible expert they can find, Nora who is working on a dig site along the coast with some Americans including a professor played by Billy Campbell – Secord (the name of his character from The Rocketeer).

In fact, the entire film is filled with fun little pop-culture nods like that.

Nora is initially upset to be pulled away from her dig, and then by the stubbornness of the politicians running the show because they refuse to see what is really happening. While Nora isn’t quite ready to commit to the idea of it being a troll, she’s sure a gigantic living creature is stalking the countryside, but she needs all the help she can get, so alongside the PM’s aide, Andreas (Kim Falck) and Captain Kris (Mads Sjogard Pettersen) she turns to her father for help.

As the group hunts down the creature, the film explores the mythology and fairy tales surrounding the beings and comes up with a disturbing explanation of why they disappeared all of a sudden.

The visual effects are solid. and the work on bringing a giant troll to life actually looks really good. There are some really great moments, and the story, for what it is, makes for a wonderfully entertaining escape.

If you go in with the right mindset this is a fun movie, it gives a nice explanation for these mythical creatures, has some fun moments, geeky pop culture references and allows for a different kind of kaiju film .

I had a good time with it.

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