The Expanse (2017) – Here There be Dragons, and The Monster and the Rocket

The crew of the Rocinante have their hands full, as Holden (Steven Strait), Naomi (Dominique Tipper) and Amos (Wes Chatham) as they continue to help Meng (Terry Chen) track down his missing daughter on Ganymede Station.

Here There Be Dragons was written by Georgia Lee and first debuted on 5 April, 2017.

While the crew learns more about how the protomolecule was being used on Ganymede and the human trials that were being conducted, Alex (Cas Anvar) guides the Roci into place (in a fantastically realized sequence) to effect a just-in-time rescue as things begin to happen very quickly for the group, and Mars lockdown Ganymede space.

On Earth, Bobbie (Frankie Adams) makes a choice after learning the truth of Project: Caliban on Ganymede (just as the Roci is) and makes a run for political asylum on Earth, something that surprises Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo), who has just delivered the news to Sadavir (Shawn Doyle) that he is going to be the public face of everything that has happened. This may give him a chance to come clean.

Around Venus, the exploration team is finally able to get a probe down to the surface to check out Eros’ impact crater, and get a glimpse of something… the protomolecule is still at work.

While there are differences cropping up everywhere from book to screen, the series continues to be incredibly faithful to the characters, themes and spirit of the novels, and I love seeing how amazingly it has been brought to life.

I can’t believe we’re atop the second season finale!

The Monster and the Rocket, the penultimate episode of season two, was written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. It first went out over the airwaves on 12 April, 2017.

While Chrisjen, Draper and Cotyar (Nick E. Tarabay) leave Earth for a face-to-face meet with Mao (Francois Chau), Sadavir begins to scheme and enact a plan of his own that may plunge Mars and Earth into war, while Mao continues to control access to the protomolecule.

This causes tensions to escalate, and things seem to be getting worse across the system.

On Ganymede, Meng, Holden and Alex are chasing a human/protomolecule hybrid in the Roci, while Naomi and Amos help the crew of the Somnambulist with their repairs, and work to get some of the people off Ganymede before Mars and Earth turn it into the first site of a war that could destroy them all.

Naomi makes a dangerous but life-saving call, even though Amos tries to stop her, and Holden is reminded by Alex that their obligation is to their family. The Somnambulist is about to lift off, filled with refugees, in an area of space where everyone has their finger on the trigger.

One simple threat from Holden allows the Rocinante and Somnambulist to escape, and while they may be reunited, things don’t look good for the rest of the system as we race into the season finale…


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