Transporter 2 (2005) – Louis Leterrier

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is back as the Transporter. The first film was a fun European action film, the second sees the locale changed to North America, specifically Florida, which isn’t a bad thing, but the film’s incredibly short runtime, and its employment of really bad computer-generated visual effects doesn’t do it any favours and consequently, this installment in the series has aged very badly.

Frank is working as a driver for the Billings family, specifically their young son, Jack (Hunter Clary). There is a bit of attraction between Frank and Audrey Billings (Amber Valletta) but Frank won’t cross some lines (he does love his rules). Jefferson Billings’ (Matthew Modine) increasing political presence has made him a target, and Chellini (Alessandro Gassmann) and Lola (Kate Nauta) have set their sights on abducting the boy in a convoluted plot to deliver a virus.

When Jack is kidnapped on Frank’s watch, he takes it personally, and despite the fact that none of the law enforcement involved (including the always awesome Keith David) believes he’s innocent, Frank has set off to save young Jack, and perhaps save the rest of the family in the process.

Statham is incredibly likeable as Frank, and he brings the role to life easily, you buy into his performance, there’s a reserved charm about him that makes him very watchable.

To tie in with the previous film the story brings in Tarconi (Francois Berleand) who has decided to visit Frank in Florida. Berleand is criminally under-used and the things that worked for him in the first film don’t work as well in a North American setting.

Nauta as Lola is a force to be reckoned with and she has become as almost iconic in relation to the series as Statham. She’s a sexy badass, and she owns her presence on the screen – sure she’s in ridiculous outfits but she owns them completely.

There are some solid fight sequences in this entry, nothing as bold and engaging as the oil/bus fight in the first film, but there’s some fun to be had. What the film does have is a solid relationship between Frank and Jack, there are some great moments between the two and you can tell that the pair got along well on set.

While this one isn’t as engaging as the first film, and while probably wasn’t as successful as the first film, it did well enough, that a third film was inevitable. And we’ll have a look at that next time. Hopefully, they lose the crappy computer work, take us back to Europe, and give us some solid action beats, cause damn these films are fun.

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