Quantum Leap: Knights of the Morningstar (1994) – Melanie Rawn

Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci find themselves in the middle of a medieval joust?! Sam hasn’t leapt outside of his own life, he’s leaped into a renaissance faire, a group of weekend knights competing in league battle in 1987.

Sam quickly finds himself as Phil Larkin who is in the middle of a potential romantic triangle with a publisher, Cynthia, and his friend, Roger. Phil and Roger are estranged over a manuscript that has now ended up in Cynthia’s hands, and Al reveals will be a huge success, with sequels and a movie.

But who wrote it?

All of this plays out against the medieval weekend that sees everyone assuming mantles of knights, lords, and ladies and while Sam may not be an actual knight, he’s pretty sure he can help Phil, Cynthia and Roger, fixing what once went wrong.

It’s also interesting that Larkin created a capacitor that is included in Project Quantum Leap’s hardware. If Sam changes history too much, will it still be created?

But things are going to get worse, Alia, the evil leaper and her own assistant hologram, Zoey, have found him and they seem intent on destroying Sam once and for all.

Coming after the episode Deliver Us From Evil, and before the follow-up episodes Return and Revenge of the Evil Leaper, the story hints and explores (as much as the narrative is able without messing with established continuity) Alia’s existence and the terrors that must be visited upon her when she leaps.

We get to spend some time in the Project’s Waiting Room, and with Sam’s wife, Dr. Donna Elesee (though her name is spelled incorrectly throughout as Alese) and it’s interesting to see how she copes and deals with what is going on with Sam. I also like how Al (and Ziggy, the computer) tend to be the only ones who notice the changes in the timeline. One minute Donna isn’t part of the project and then after Star-Crossed, she’s part of the project, as is Sam’s daughter, Sammy Jo Fuller (Trilogy).

Rawn does a nice job of telling the story, making it fun and playing it out like an episode of the series, you can hear the actors in the dialogue and that makes for a very enjoyable, and quick read.

In fact, this could very easily have been made as an episode of the series and would have looked great. I like the way we are given time with the project, and the things happening there. There’s a nice balance between Sam and the Project and how those events can be tied together for a solid narrative.

Next time Sam finds himself in some more trouble as he’s involved in Search and Rescue.

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