Star Trek: Discovery – Season Four (2022) Blu-Ray Review

Paramount Pictures invites back out to the final frontier with their Blu-ray release of Star Trek: Discovery – Season Four. The series and the characters have really found their groove, and the season arc this time around feels like classic Trek; there is fear of the unknown, there is the desire to strike out at things that we don’t understand, while our better angels seek a way to understand and be understood.

Over the course of thirteen episodes, we see a Federation that is beginning to reestablish itself, the blossoming of a new Starfleet Academy, and a mystery that could destroy everything, or could bring us towards a bigger understanding of who we are, our place in the universe, and those we share it with.

We see Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) begin to settle into the idea of command and captaincy, Booker (David Ajala) suffers a devasting blow that spins him off on an arc away from Starfleet and Burnham, and sees him working with Ruon Tarka (Shawn Doyle) in direct conflict with the Discovery crew.

There are wonderful character moments throughout, and anytime we can check in on Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) – my favourite character in this series – it’s a good time.

The effects continue to wow, and the heart of the show is very much in line with the Star Trek that I grew up with.

And speaking of the effects, there’s a nice little extra on the fourth disc called Creating Space that shows how the series has brought aboard a giant LED panel, like the one pioneered for The Mandalorian, to help with creating exotic locales, and stunning vistas while remaining in a controllable set environment. I love this stuff!

There are some other fun extras including a look at how the COVID situation impacted the production of the series, the safety precautions that are taken on a daily basis to keep cast and crew safe and whether or not that can be seen onscreen or not.

Along with a couple of deleted scenes, there are some other fun extras including an always enjoyable gag reel, a fourth-season overview that takes through story and character arcs, as well as how things were produced and an in-depth check-in with Sonequa Martin-Green about what it means for her, and her character to assume the captain’s role in Discovery – four seasons in, Burnham is truly ready to fly.

As expected, the sound and the picture of the four-disc set are top-notch. The series, as a whole, is a stunning watch, with fantastic visuals, solid performances, and increasingly engaging storylines. This is a series that continues to pay off in lots of ways, and now that they are in the far-flung future, and aren’t trapped by canon nit-pickers they have an open field of exploration and storytelling.

Paramount Canada beams Star Trek: Discovery Season Four onto blu-ray and DVD today!! So boldly go!!

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